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October 12, 2014 / subramanyam

ISIS & Women

The Islamic State ISIS or ISIL is expanding its boundaries with each passing day. This terror group hogged lime light by establishing an Islamic Caliphite in parts of Iran and Syria. They are the world’s richest terror group as on today. They are perhaps the only terror group to have erased the international borders, maintaining oil fields and running a government successfully. Here is the map of all the areas that are under ISIS control .

Areas under ISIS control are marked in Red.  Source :

Areas under ISIS control are marked in Red.
Source :

How is ISIS running all this?  Who is the head of the  State, How does he control all this ? From where does he and his team get the guns and ammunition?  From where does the group get it’s revenues?

  Here is wonderful link that explains how the Islamic State gets its resources, it money, it weapons and other things.

So, how is the rule?  What sort of rule are they enforcing on the believers?  How are they behaving towards the non-believers? (people who belong to other faiths)  We all know the way they massacred the Yezidis of Iraq. Here is a full report of UN on the various atrocities that are getting committed in the rule of ISIS.

The ISIS opened slave markets for women and is indeed committing heinous crimes against the women. Check this link on the foreign policy website.

Aren’t the Locals rebelling ?

Well, it’s a common question isn’t it ? The locals, specially the Kurd and the Kurdish women , yeah you read it right the Kurdish woman fighters are giving tough time to the advancing  ISIS armies.  Here is a video that shows the way these woman are keeping up a brave front and are fighting the ISIS. “I have no mercy for them, for , I know if they win this and capture us, they will have no mercy on me“, this is what most of these women seem to say and believe in. Do watch the video. These young women are braving real hard circumstances and are joining  the front lines of the war.  To me they are real heroes err heroines.

School Girl Jihadis

While girls and woman in the neighbourhood are rebelling against the ISIS and are fighting pitched battles to  save themselves and their cities from ISIS,  there are another set of  girls who stay 1000’s of kilometers away and eulogize the thought of joining ISIS.  Yes, some  school girls in Europe are romancing the thought of joining the ISIS.  These teenage girls have been indoctrinated with the concept of Holy War and are made to believe that helping these Jihadis would take them closer to God.  There are agencies that help these girls move out of  Europe and join ISIS.  These girls aged between 14 and 16 are leaving the comfortable life style of Europe, leaving their parents and cozy life back home and are becoming wives of these ISIS Jihadis.  In almost all of the cases the parents do not know anything about their daughters and their plans of  joining ISIS.  Read the link on guardian.

Here are a few more links .

War in any form brings only tears, terror organizations like ISIS are bringing in more pain to the humanity. Hope the Kurds and the western alliance succeeds and these militants are brought to book for all the crimes they have committed.


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