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October 5, 2014 / subramanyam

Involving people will be the key …..

The Swacch Bharath Abhiyaan (Clean Indian Campaign) launched by our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is an awesome one.  I pledge my 2 hours every week to make  this campaign a gret success.  Seeing a clean and green India is a dream of mine and I will do my little bit to make this a reality.

Bapu's Vision --- Our Mission

Bapu’s Vision — Our Mission

I really honestly want this campaign to succeed, I grew up in the 90’s in a town in this country. My  town was seat of learning, it had a great cultural past,  in fact  some of the stalwart singers and poets of Andhra Pradesh have come from that town.  However, if there is something that my town badly needs, it is sanitation and cleanliness.  Throughout my childhood,  I used to ride my bicycle beside the open drains and in stinking alleys.  Even now when I go there I feel that the city would indeed be a great seat of learning just by having more clean – green roads and neighbourhoods.  This is the story of my town, I am sure this would be the story of many many Indians who come from towns and tier 2 cities.  Today, I live in one of the biggest cities of India and I feel that the things must improve here as well. Things are better but we need more cleanliness here as well.   I want a clean and green India and I am sure most of the people around me also want this.

Well, when everyone wants a clean and green India who is the one who is polluting it.  Who is the reason for the abject and absurd state of affairs in the country.  Is it the politicians ? the officers? the poor ? or the insensitive public?  To me it’s all of us.  Most of us, even the ones with the best degrees and big fat salaries don’t think twice before throwing garbage on  the streets and roads. It might be a chocolate wrapper, it might be the paper ice cream cone, it might be the kinley water bottle we have just emptied or it might be the face tissue we have just used, most of us practically do not care before throwing it on the road.  Well, the roads also have enough garbage that you would not think twice before littering and the reasons for it is altogether another big and different story isn’t it? If the most educated and highest paid people are callous about cleanliness of roads,  what can be expected from the less fortunate lot of the society ? What can be expected from people who were not fortunate enough to receive a proper education in their lives ?

However,  we can’t afford to do the skull digging and waste time, can we ?  We grew up watching untidy surroundings and unhygienic places. We can give a better place for our kids, can’t we ?  For that we have to change. We have to change our habits, our lifestyles,  the way our thought process works and give our 2 cents to this nation.  Only then the clean and green India of our dreams will become a reality.

Will Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan Succeed ?

The leader leads the way

The leader leads the way

Prime Minister Modi is doing the right thing by involving people, he is trying to inspire people and make them participate in this mission voluntarily.  He is doing the smart thing by roping in celebrities. When you rope in celebrities, you also rope in the people who adore them, that will help you create awareness and bring in people close to the mission. Age old habits are tough to change and you can change them only by spreading awareness amongst the masses.  That way Modi is using his oratorical skills  very wisely and by roping in celebrities he is doing the right thing to reach out to the masses of the nation.

It would be interesting to know that Modi was not the first person to begin this in this country.  Chandrababu Naidu started this in AP in the 90’s. He had initiatives like JanmaBhoomi, Sramadanam, Clean & Green, Neeru-Meeru (Water and you). All these missions were directed at making AP a cleaner and a better place to live.  However, he did not have the oratorical skills of Modi. This amount of technology was not there and people started feeling that the CM is forcing them to do somethings that have no value.   Many people in AP actually did the mistake of resenting these missions of the TDP government.  One of the assurances some of the Congies gave in 2004 was that they would remove these missions once they would be in

Naidu Came across as someone who forces things on people

Naidu Came across as someone who forces things on people

power.   Once Congies came to power in 2004  some of these missions were repealed and were done away with.   I think Naidu lost the plot because the message did not go to the people the way it should have gone.   If only he had the oratorical skills and did the smart moves Modi is doing today, AP would have been a different state by now.  Today many in AP feel that Naidu was ahead of the times and we made a mistake by voting him out.

For now, to me Modi is doing everything correctly,  invoking Gandhi,  linking cleanliness to development and tourism, roping in stalwarts from various fields, mentioning this in the Independence day Speech, using social media effectively  and inspiring people to join the movement, every one of these  is a master stroke and to me Modi is getting everything right.  He should make sure that the old habits do not settle in once again, he should be cautious and avoid any bureaucratic backlash. The last thing one would want in a mission to clean India is a bureaucratic backlash where babu’s would be at loggerheads with the government.  Modi’s administration must make sure that the message  for clean India should reach each and every Indian and it should reach him/her in a format that would inspire them to be a part of it.  You cannot get a swacch Bharat without involving people.

I wish that this mission succeeds and my country becomes a better place to live in. For ages, right from the days of Rig Veda, this country was a place where people came to clean their souls, the nation was a Vishwa guru then.  Of late, there is a need to clean the roads and alleys of this Vishwa Guru, we ought to do this not for the sake of visiting foreigner or someone else. We ought to do it for our sake and for the sake of our children.

Swachch Bharath —- Shresth Bharath

(Clean India will be a great India)

Let’s pledge that we will be a part of this great change.


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  1. anandkumarrs / Oct 8 2014 5:08 pm

    Hi,Good post. I agree. While on this please read my post on Swachh Bharat –
    Pls give your feedback and share it if you like it. Thanks


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