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October 3, 2014 / subramanyam

It’s a Gold again

Winning  a Gold in mens hockey is always special, the last time we had it in the Asian Games was some 16 years ago in Bangkok. Indians have won a gold again and that makes me immensely happy .  I have always been a fan of Hockey and it has been quite sometime since our hockey team brought back a gold.

How many of us know that our’s is the most successful team when it comes to the Olympics .  We were champions for good 8

The hockey needs a revival.

Indian Hockey needs a revival

times.  Of late, we are not making it to the top but we indeed dominated the world for good 50 years in this sport.  Our world cup performances are also not that great, but we were indeed the world champions once.

Why and how did we decline in our hockey ? Well it’s long story.   We were champions as long as the game was on natural grass, we lost the race once this artificial turf came in. As if it was a coincidence,  it was time when Cricket was on the rise in the nation. It’s sheer coincidence that decline of Hockey and rise of Cricket happened almost at the same time.  We won our last gold in olympics in 1980 and won our first cricket world cup in 1983.  Hockey was on a decline since then and Cricket was on the rise from that time.

Attracting and nurturing fine young talent is the key to the survival of  any sport,  the young men and women of any nation

would prefer a sport that promises them a bright future. While cricket could do that in India, Hockey was not that successful in doing that.  That’s probably because Indian cricket team was winning some tournament or the other,  while  gross mismanagement by the sports bosses costed Hockey team dearly.  The sport was not promoted the way it should have been promoted. While we had cricket tournaments happening every now and then the same cannot be spoken about Hockey in the country.  The coaches, the bosses and the institutions have created a mess that takes a long time to clean.  Many youth got alienated from the game as it did not hold a promise for them.  Even the initiatives like Premier Hockey League started off high on promise but did not last long.  We have Hockey India League or the Hero Honda Hockey India League now,  I  wish that this stays and attracts young talent into the sport.

A promise can be created only when the current teams excel beyond expectations and win laurels for themselves and the country. This will attract new talent and will take the game to new levels.  For this winning and winning big is important, but to win you need talented players.  Vicious cycle isn’t it ?  Let us hope that this win will be a corner-stone on which a great future for Hockey would be built in this country.

All the best Team India, the nation of 125 billion souls wants an olympic medal from you. Hope we will have  it in Rio.

All the best.


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