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October 2, 2014 / subramanyam

Stand by Sarita

You come from country where woman getting into sports is something unheard of.  You are born in an age where the only sport that offers glory and a road to fame is Cricket.  You are born in an age where most girls either choose studies or the glamour

Stand by Sarita

Stand by Sarita

industry to make their mark in the world. Then, you choose to be different. You choose “Boxing” ,  a sport that women were once forbidden watch as the sport of your life.  You train yourself for decades, at the age of 32 when most woman would have a stable family life and a stable career going on,  you get into the boxing ring and take punches to bring medals and glory to a country that went with out a medal for 16 years in the olympics.

Then,  when some judges err and rob you of a Gold Medal.  The IOA (Indian Olympic Association) officials don’t stand by you, people recognize the loss you have endured only when you return the Bronze Medal.   You end up borrowing money even to lodge the protest and officials are no way seen.  You cannot file your protest  it in the stipulated  time just because there was no help,  you feel cheated robbed and no one comes to your rescue !!!!!!!!

Madam Sarita Devi, I as an Indian feel ashamed that the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) was not there with you when you needed it the most. You are a winner and the pride of India.  If we are not getting more and more medals in CWG, Asian Games and Olympics, it is because the IOA is not taking care of people like you.  The courage you displayed and the way you returned the medal must be an eye opener for all those biased judges and the lazy officials.  That courage, grit and determination are an inspiration for the youth of  this nation. Bravo madam, Bravo.


Dear friends, we ought to stand by the lady who made us proud.  This is the Navratri time where we worship the divine feminine, as we worship Maa for health, wealth, education and prosperity ,  well,  it is also our responsibility to stand by this Woman who has brought and is bringing glory to this great nation.  Look at this bout to know how biased the judgement was.

Sarita was not the first victim of the biased judges, there was a case with a Mongolian boxer too. However,  the Mongolian officials were swift and quick to act.   They made sure that their boxer  gets his due, on the contrary our officials were not there when Sarita needed them.  Read  that story here.

I really loved whatever Sarita did in the presentation ceremony, see that here.  Isn’t this a tight slap on the face of those biased judges, if AIBA chooses to take disciplinary action on this, then to hell with them.  They honestly need to check the judging standards before taking it on players.

I wish every woman in  this nation is as bold as Sarita when it comes to handling injustice. Sarita we stand by you, you are an inspiration to all.

This incidentally is the 300th Post on this blog.



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  1. Bindu / Oct 4 2014 7:36 pm

    Yes I completely agree with you. I have a daughter who is seven years old and is really into sports. After looking at the indifference by Indian officials ( now they are supporting) on that day, I was really wondering whether we should motivate our daughter to continue in sports or not. Also I told myself that she should take sports as a hobby but not as a profession. All the other medals did not make me happy compared to the injustice shown to Sarita.


    • subramanyam / Oct 4 2014 10:05 pm

      Hi Bindu,
      Welcome to this blog.
      Yeah, the indifferencewas appalling. Nice to know that your daughter is into sports. I am sure things will change for good by the time she represents India.

      The very fact that the behavior of the officials is making mothers thing twice before sending thier kids into sports speaks volumes about the appalling state of affairs of our sports.

      Thank you


  2. Bindu / Oct 4 2014 7:38 pm

    Reblogged this on Lets Talk and commented:
    Sports is the most neglected field in our country. Its all the more difficult if you are an Indian woman getting into sports. But is the effort worth it?


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