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September 24, 2014 / subramanyam

SOUL OF A STAR – Chapter 14 : The First Key




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Chapter 14 : The First Key


Present Day.


Shakes how did this happen? How can Tara just pop off?” Jennifer was almost shouting in to the phone. She and Shekhar were on a call and Shekhar broke the news of Tara’s disappearance to her.

Did you inform the police? Did Tara tell you that she was going to an important place? Did the investigation start? What did the police say? ” Jennifer was anxious and her questions were like the bullets that come out of an MMG.

Yeah, I informed the police, Tara did not leave any message of that sort to me, she was absolutely normal. The police want to wait for at least 12 more hours before the investigation starts. ” Shekhar was searching for words as he was answering his wife’s soul sister.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds as neither of them knew what to speak. Then it was Jeans aka Jennifer again .

How is Roohi?

We are in Apollo now, Roohi is not keeping well. I brought her here.” Jeans realized that Shekhar was choking as he spoke these words.

Jeans, we were happy a few days ago, weren’t we? And in two days…..” Shekhar was unable to complete the sentence. The awkward silence followed.

Shekhar was not in a position to understand or interpret the silence on the other end. Disappearance of his wife and the illness of his daughter were clearly having an effect on him. He continued with his animated talk.

Jeans, you must be having some contacts in the press and the media don’t you? Please use them to trace Tara. Any information would be of great use. Please use them, check out if Cyrus can help.” Shekhar was sounding frantic.

Even before Jennifer could speak Shekhar was again at it.

Jeans, did she say anything to you? Did she leave any message?

Shakesss, I am flying down to Mumbai tomorrow. I will speak to you in detail. Please do not panic, we are all there for you. We will find her out soon” Jeans probably did the most sensible thing and hung up.


 Somewhere else in a relatively dark room, a man sighed. He did not get the details he wanted. However he had learnt the importance of patience long ago. As he was removing the heavy headset and placing it on the table he resolved that he would wait for the next call of Shekhar. “It does not matter whether it is an outgoing call or an incoming one , the machine would record it any way.” His face had an evil smile as he left the room to inspect his prisoner.


 Shekhar was pacing up and down in the corridor, he was trying to recreate the incidents of the day. The way he received those messages, the way Roohi reacted after he told her that her mom would be late for the day, the way Roohi complained , first about her mother and then about the sudden spasms of pain in her body, the way she collapsed and the mad rush to the hospital. By now, he realized that Jennifer was unusually silent in the last call but did not give much importance to that. He was happier that Roohi was out of danger now. Roohi was sleeping peacefully in the room allotted to her. He looked at her and a smile escaped him, he had the satisfaction of a father, a protector.

He re-opened his mobile and was going through the cryptic messages he had received. They read:


  1. “God is the light that removes the darkness of the Sin. Does light precede God, well that happens at least in the name. However, He lets his angels hide great secrets reside in the places where His own light precedes Him. ”


  1. “Help is needed to handle this awful life, the one that can help might even be my favorite dress. Why don’t you get in touch with it?”


  1. “There is a number that would never change, seek it in the cocoon.”


  1. “Our soul is extremely important to us, we ought to keep it pure, the greatest people on the earth always try to keep the souls of others also pure. Even God’s came down to save pure souls.” There was a picture of another temple along with the last message.

He knew he unlocked the second one and thus was able to call Jennifer, the fact that Jennifer did not speak about any clues worried him. He wanted to work on the other clues nevertheless. He decided to pick up the first one.

“God is the light that removes the darkness of the Sin. Does light precede God, well that happens at least in the name. However, He lets his angels hide great secrets reside in the places where His own light precedes Him.

Light preceding God, How would light precede Him? Shekhar was looking for answers. He realized that Tara was referring to a temple. He realized that the name of the God in the temple must have something to do with light and brightness. Let me identify the temple first, I will handle rest of the clue later, he told himself. He wrote the clues and the synonyms of light on a piece of paper and started working.

Bhaswanta, Bhaati, Marichi, Shekhar was trying to recollect all the names of the light in Sanskrit. Vidyut, vidyullata ,rochana were all linked to light in one form or the other . He knew that “Natha” meant Lord and presiding deities in many temples had “nath” at the end of the names So he decided to match suffix “Nath” after light and see if he would get any answers.







Shekhar was not getting convinced with any of the answers he got, his search was taking him nowhere.   He was not able to identify the name and the temple. For the next few hours, neither he nor the puzzle gave up.


Baba, you did not sleep the whole night” it was Roohi flashing her trademark smile.

Shekhar realized that he did not sleep the whole night, however, he was happy that Roohi was doing good.

How is the pain beta? Did it come down? ” the father in Shekhar took over.

I am alright, can I fresh up and get something to eat. I am very hungry baba.” Roohi was making a face.

Shekhar saw a nurse enter the room, he asked her to take care of Roohi and set out to the canteen to bring some edible stuff for his bundle of joy.

As he walked out of the room, he was greeted by the beautiful Sun rays, he enjoyed the early morning rays and felt enervated. As he stepped out of the corridor and entered the main hall, he heard some mantras being chanted and saw a lamp being lit.


“Ardram jwalati jyoti rahamasmi, jyotir jwalati brahma ahamasmi…” was all he heard and he knew he had an answer.…

Many people were either shocked or were sympathetic to the man who was prostrating before the newly lit lamp in the center of the hall. The man in question was head over heels in happiness and was thanking the lamp as it solved the first clue for him. The answer was dawning on him now.

Few minutes later, he entered his daughters room with freshly baked cookies and vegetable sandwiches, gave those goodies to his little darling, took the scribbling pad into his hands and with a contented smile on his face wrote….




“I was a fool”, he was hearing himself say, I was running after the light but did not focus on the origin of it. “Jyoti”, a lamp emanates light and Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Linga. “So Tara was referring to a secret placed in one of JyotirLinga kshetras. My next job is to boil down to the one where she hid the secret” Shekhar was muttering this to himself as he tore the paper and placed it in his pocket.
He had another job to do, it was time the police accepts the complaint and files an FIR. Shekhar headed straight to the Police Station.



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  1. bsaikrishna / Feb 8 2015 5:15 pm

    Well written and good flow… I think this style of writing is very good and is book quality.


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