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September 21, 2014 / subramanyam

SOUL OF A STAR – Chapter 11 : “Missing”




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Tara was sitting in the ferry, in 10 mins the ferry would take her back to Gorai. Borivali is not far from Gorai and Auto Rickshaw would take her there in 10-15 mins. And then she would be safe, she knew that the scheming man would learn about her soon and she had to be quick in steering herself to safety. Once she is safe, she would nab the man and strip him in front of the world. The discovery she made in Manori was significant. She now has the story that can shake the world, she can catch the man Red-Handed.  She was thanking her stars that she could make it thus far. The next half an hour was crucial to her life and for the lives of the people around her.

She saw a motor boat speeding beside the ferry.  As it over took the ferry she saw a man throw a nasty look at her, she realised her time was up. She was in mid sea and was unable to escape, she could neither go back nor forward, she knew her fate was sealed. It was barely 5 minutes before she would touch the ground, she had to communicate this to some one. She checked her mobile, she had signal thankfully.

Five minutes later, as she emerged out of the ferry she was visibly less tensed. She knew that her enemies were waiting for the first chance to nab her. She wanted to delay it as much as possible. She made sure that she was walking along with the crowd and was thus hiding herself. She came out of the ferry and was walking towards the shore that she felt a hard object hit her. She fell unconcious almost immediatly .


Jeans normally muted her cellphone when she went for the evening stroll. Her evenings were reserved for herself and the nature. She was particularly happy today, the birds that defied her camera everyday were more kind enough this evening. She got the pictures that would put her name  on the Illustrated Animal life magazine. She was happy and thanked The Almighty for bestowing the happiness on her.

As she switched on her phone she had 4 messages and  none of them made any sense to her.

“The light in the star fades for a reason , the lecturer on four sentences knows some secrets. So does the lady who takes care of Koli Fisherman”.

“The man with wine in his name took a promise that he would fight injustice, his world wide word has knowledge that can save the world “.

“Shake it and move but protect the soul, a star needs to protect its soul from the black hole” .

“Walls are beautiful big and wide but they have a secret stride” Then there was picture of a wall.

Jeans was perplexed.. she checked the sender, it was Tara.  Jennifer aka Jeans  did not know what to do . Was Tara mad ? What was she trying to suggest , should she call her? She decided to reread the messages before doing anything .

Some  1535 Kms away from her, Shekhar too was perplexed. Infront of him were the cryptic messages Tara sent to him,

” God is the light that removes the darkness of the Sin. Does light preceed God, well that happens tleast in the name. However, He lets his angels hide great secrets reside in the places where  His own light precedes Him ” .

“Help is needed to handle this awful life, the one that can help might even be my favorite dress. Why don’t you get in touch with it. “

“There is a number that would never change,  seek it in the cocoon”

“Our soul is extremely important to us, we ought to keep it pure”, the greatest people on the earth always try to keep the souls of others also pure. Even God’s came down to save pure souls.” There was a picture of another temple along with the last  message.

Shekhar was desperate to decode these messages. He knew Tara was in danger. He tried reaching her on her mobile. Her mobile was ringing but there was no response. He reread the messages, tried hard for the clues but was unable to decipher  anything.


Meanwhile in a secluded place in the outskirts of Mumbai, a man did a thorough check of his prisoner, he rechecked the belongings and then he realized that he had to keep his prisoner alive. Her Mobile phone was missing.

Three hours later, Shekhar was pacing up and down in the corridors of the Children’s ward at Apollo hospitals. Roohi was not keeping well and was complaining that she had a very bad headache. Shekhar was perplexed. His wife is missing and his daughter is not well, It was getting on to his nerves. He remembered the cryptic messages, he took out his mobile and reread them As he was not making much headway with the clues, he tried to recollect the events of the last 3 hours.   The way he rushed to the police station , the way he tried to explain the situation to the Inspector and the way the inspector tried to pacify him. The police did not take the case seriously and were of the opinion that this might even be a prank by Tara. He knew it was not a prank. However,  he could do little as the police wanted to wait for 12 hours before they file an FIR.

As he was pacing up and down, it struck him, Tara was fond of wearing jeans pants. “I could put anything on the top of it and walk.” Tara would say .  ………………….

 A few minutes later a confused mind in Kochin picked the phone and almost shouted into it “Shakessssssss” .


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    Nice writing! I enjoyed it a lot.
    check out:



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