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September 14, 2014 / subramanyam

SOUL OF A STAR – Chapter 3: Innocent Eyes, Tough Lass




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Chapter 3 : Innocent Eyes, Tough Lass

          Five minutes later as she walked into her corner office in the 18th floor, she found herself muttering,   “You still make the heads turn Tara, no doubt Shekhar has a hard time taking hands off you.”  The very thought of Shekhar and his teasing hands brought a smile on her face as she opened her laptop and started checking her e-mails.

As she was skimming through the unread mails, the subject “Innocent eyes &  a tough lass”  caught her attention.

Youuuuuu B**

My faith does not allow me to use these expletives against a married woman, else I would have used all the expletives in the dictionary. You wanted Kochi’s photo-shoot for one of your clients. It is ok. But how dare you pay me?  What on the earth made you believe that I would take money from a childhood friend?!

Attached are the pictures I shot for you.

Your paycheck will be there at your doorstep soon .  

You payback by paying a visit to me. ITS BEEN NINE LOOOOONG YEARS SINCE WE MET!!!!

Totally pissed off.

Your stupid friend


P.S.:  I know you are tough girl but you can’t have your way with me.

Tara re-read it and was now grinning from ear to ear.  She knew Jennifer was hurt and she knew that she had to pacify her ziddhi photographer friend. However, the curiosity to see the pics of her favorite city overpowered every other desire of her mind. She slowly opened the attachment.

The series began with a breathtaking view of the Marine Drive, Hill Palace Museum, Cherai Beach and Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary,. It was followed with awesome snaps of the Paradesi Synagogue, Dutch Palace, Chinese fishing net and Fort Kochi Beach. Then there were pictures of Chottanikkara and Ernakulathappan temple. The breath taking views of St. Francis Church and the Santa Cruz Basilica ended the series. .

Only Jeans can do this, Tara thought as she admired the pictures. She recognized all those places;the place where she was born and brought up.

She remembered the days when she and Jeans used to run across the streets as happy kids. Those were the days of innocence; a time when she was naïve. Those were also the days when her passion for dance started.

Tara’s stepmother was a renowned Mohiniyattam Dancer. Kids from the neighborhood would come to learn dance from her. While her home was a Dance school, Tara was never allowed to touch the ghungroo. She was considered inefficient and was relegated to the house hold chores.  Nobody took care of  her needs , she was sent to school so that people do not ask questions. She was forced to work and do household chores once she returned from school. The unhappy 10 year old turned to story books for some solace.

She liked stories and she started reading stories of the famous people in the world, the one that appealed the most to her was that of Joan of Arc. The bravery, the rebellious attitude and the way she fought through tough situations left an indelible impression on her.   With that as the inspiration Tara set out to do what she wanted to do, she stole a set of ghungroo and started practicing in secret.

By the time she was in her maiden teens, she was becoming an adept in Nritha.  One day there was a competition organized by Kerala Kalamandiram.  She secretly registered for it.  She had to coax and cajole Jeans to get the Kasavu (the saree worn in the Dance) and  the Jasmine flowers, she had to dance on the stage without any jewelry, but then she was comparing herself with Joan who too had very limited resources, if Joan can win I too will, she would say to herself.  To the utter shock and disbelief of her stepmother, Tara won the competition.  She looked at the face of her step-mother who was staring at her in disbelief.  To embarrass her further, Tara announced that her stepmother was her guru and thanked her.

Tara’s stepmother started teaching her later, but for Tara it was her victory that forced her step mother to teach her. As she learnt the atavu’s and Chari’s from her stepmother she always wanted to dominate her.  She mastered the Hamsa padam and Mayoora padam in pada cheris. She perfected every move and every expression to an extent that her walk and talk in the daily chores too changed. One moment she had the elegance of a swan and had the grandeur of a peacock in another. In short, she was elegance personified. Her persistence and hard work brought her more and more accolades. She was the teenage sensation of the decade. However, Tara gave little importance to all this. For her this was a personal fight, a fight with a person who ill treated and insulted her. She is paying it back now by excelling in the very same trade where she was denied an entry. Whenever people applauded her, she felt that she was winning over her step-mother and was growing above her in fame.

At the age of sixteen, she received an offer to act in an advertisement for soap. Her parents opposed it saying that it was against the family culture, Tara went on to do the advertisement and received good ratings for it.  From then, there was no looking back. She was extremely successful as model. Within a year, movie offers flooded. When her parents opposed her from agreeing bikini for a movie, she brushed them aside and went ahead.

Tara was hailed as a glam doll and the fresh face of the year. More movies followed. She was in cloud nine. Name, fame and money came from all directions. She felt as if she has conquered the world.

Until that day, when the headline of a newspaper caught her attention.

“Tara : An Emotionless Wonder— Shekhar Datta”


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