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August 19, 2014 / subramanyam

Speeches ripping pseudo-seculars apart

          I have always been a critic of the Pseudo-secularism of some of the political parties in India.  Many parties indulge in this in India.  For example, some parties created ruckus in the Indian parliament with the Gaza issue, but they hardly spoke about the suffering of the Yazidis.  These parties cry a lot about the plight of minorities(which might be correct) but hardly speak about the displaced kashmiri pandits.

          One of the reasons why I support BJP is the fact that they never indulge in these appeasement politics.  Here are two awesome speeches by two BJP Leaders where they rip these pseudo-seculars apart. Both of them were delivered in the Indian Parliament and are in Hindi.

          In this speech delivered in the Indian Parliament Yogi Adityanath tries to bring out the truth  and the reasons for the communal violence in India .


In this speech Sushmaji makes every one smile and at the rips the pseudo-seculars apart with her speech.


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