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July 22, 2014 / subramanyam

Of Algorithms, Al-Qaeda and the beauties of Kerala

We all must have learnt algorithms at some point of time in our lives.  We know that they are applicable in many walks of life.

Here is a list of the  top 10 algorithms  that matter the most in today’s world.

Do we Indians have the enemy at the Gates,  Al-Qaeda seems to be planning a final Jihad for India.  Here is an article from a British newspaper.  Check the link to know what their plans  are ….

We all know Subramaniam Swamy and his arguments, he grabbed the headlines once again with the National Herald case. The way he is fighting it is raising eyebrows. Who would have thought that the Gandhi’s would get summons from the court. Dr. Swamy recently appeared in AAP ki ADALAT and see the way he handles the questions.

After the complex Algorithms, ambitious Al-Qaeda and eloquent Subramaniam Swamy , I leave you with some awesome pics from yesteryear  Kerala.  Just check these pics, these were pics that were taken a century ago. Just check the awesomeness.

Hope you enjoyed the articles .


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