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July 16, 2014 / subramanyam

A Shastra for all of us.

          We see a lot of icons falling from grace, people who had everything in their life, who achieved things which are considered distant dreams by a majority, people who scaled the peaks of success, who seem to have everything in their lives, these people these role models fall all of a sudden from grace and lose all their name and fame? Why does this happen? Some shortcut, some unscrupulous activity which they did in the past , which they thought they can get away with, resurfaces and then they are gone once for all. Why? Who was watching this? What is the force on this earth that makes them pay for their past mistakes?

          Jatin Bharmani in his book HumanShastrra delves deep and gives us some explanation to this phenomenon. He does not

The front cover of the Book

The front cover of the Book

take all these icons and explain the concepts to us but then presents a few things in a wonderful way. He brings out the laws of the nature and says there is a way nature pays back to everyone. He asks us to reflect on ourselves, ponder, think about our actions, our thoughts, our deeds, our needs and our greed. He asks us some tough questions and then moves on and gives us the laws of nature, he goes on to say how fair nature would be to everyone and how one would destroy oneself by giving in to some weaknesses. He then gives the nature’s recipe for a happy life and leaves us with tips, truths and laws that can make us better human beings. He does all this in a pocket size book that spans just 81 pages(excluding references and author bio).

          Yes, the book is real small, the content however is not. It is aimed not at short-term fixes and success secrets, but is aimed at bringing a fundamental change in a person. This book makes the reader reflect and think about the way he/she is leading his/her life. Very simple questions but then very effective and mind-boggling ones. The lessons derived from them are also very good. For example, consider this question which the author asks. (reproduced in my own words. )

          “When was the last time you bargained in a fancy mall, an expensive restaurant or while buying tickets and snacks in a multiple? On the contrary how many times how many times did you bargain while employing a maid or a railway porter?”

          Why do we do what we do in these circumstances and how errant are we in certain situations is wonderfully explained by Jatin. This is one of the many jewels in the book.

          The best way to read this book in my opinion is to read a chapter, think and reflect on it, make a few amends and then moving to the next. That way one might see a good change in oneself.

          Having said that I would not say that all that is written in this book is some thing very new to the readers, many truths and laws discussed in the book are well-known to many people in the nation, however then this book makes us view them differently, say with a different pair of glasses.

          When its only success that matters, the means to achieve it are often forgotten. The race is hard and people wish to become successful by hook or crook, this attitude and the success achieved thereafter pose many problems not just to the person but his friends, family and the eco-system as such. Books like this make us take a break from the race, shift a few gears, retrospect a few things and finally give a new perspective as we reenter the race. We will still be in the race but probably with a kinder heart and a healthy smile. Do read the book. A must read for everyone in this fast paced world.

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  1. haritha sree / Jul 16 2014 2:13 am

    Known facts but we never think of these as we take it for granted that we know them…
    Simple and awesome….

    Fall of icons…..!!!


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