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June 27, 2014 / subramanyam

Had we been one ….

          India and Pakistan together spend about 50 billion dollars every year on their militaries, it is a known fact that a lot of this goes on maintaining the border between both the countries, had they been united a lot of this spend would have gone into other sectors and would have enhanced development of both the nations. The united India would have become a global powerhouse given its strengths. A large English speaking populace and a dominant middle class would have kept us in the forefront in the lines of development.

          We would have been a real threat to the Chinese hegemony in the region .  Today Indian and Pakistani officials spend good

Our map would have been like this.

Our map would have been like this.

time either in brokering peace deals or trying to decode each other’s communications and creating strategies to tackle each other. Had we been one united India, Instead of spending time on sealing deals for peace, the Administrative authorities would be concentrating on creating development plans for the entire nation.

          Hindi and Urdu would have been the national languages and Bangla would have been the second/third most spoken language. The Kashmir issue would not have been there at all. Now how does that sound to your ears? No trouble on the Kashmir front!!! To me it’s like saving billions of rupees every year. Then, the water issues, the power issues between India – Pakistan – Banlgadesh would have been history and we would have been the leading exporter in cotton and garments industries.

          We would have been the country with the maximum number of Muslims and the maximum number of Hindus in the world. We would have had riots and sectarian violence but with an effective administration we would have knocked them down. We would have had the beautiful Swat Valley , the scenic beauties and the entire Sunderbans in the same country. We would have a country that extends from Peshawar to Arunachal Pradesh and we would have even had a time zone system in place.

          We would not have lost so many young men and women to the terror attacks , to the violence after  partition and to the skirmishes on the borders.  The world would definitely have been a better place to live in had India been united.

Thiswas my answer ta question on Quora . Reposting it here with some imporvements.



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