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June 18, 2014 / subramanyam

Can AAP stage a Comeback ?

There is a  question on Quora which asks if  Arvind Kejrival can actually stage a comback after the debacle in the 2014 election. I Wrote this answer there.  I liked what I wrote and hence am posting it here as well. People who follow this blog know that I am a big time supporter of BJP and TDP. Yes, I am big time supporter and want BJP and TDP to succeed at the Center and in the state of AP. However, I am trying to be as neutral as possible while writing this.

          A lot depends on how Arvind Kejriwal and Co look and take lessons from the defeat. They ought to understand that it was the mistakes they did after the Delhi Assembly win that costed them badly.

          The Flip-flops, U-Turns, Dharna as CM and quitting the office all cost them dearly. That’s the reason why they are losing supporters right now. Instead of attacking Congress their rhetoric shifted to Modi and that’s where I think they lost the plot.

          Now, what they learn from this defeat and how they pick up the cudgels and regroup themselves as a formidable force would be interesting to see.  Today the world is looking for people who deliver, in this era just giving out a rhetoric would not work. AAP has to convince people that it can deliver. Unfortunately many people have many doubts regarding this.

          As of now, the grapewine is that AAP wants to form a govt back in Delhi. I would want this one to be a rumor alone. I somehow feel that this will be a huge mistake if they do it again. If might affect their credibility if they ally again with Congress.

          It would be better if they retrospect and appraoch the upcoming Maharashtra election with a new outlook. Let us see how the party responds .  A success in the forth coming assembly elections in various states will decide if Arvind will bounce back or not.



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  1. vinodkatakam / Jun 23 2014 8:22 pm

    last instace bjp debacle was b’cause of a mere onion and this time u support bjp so a party who cannot sustain an onion power can be in power where as a party who accept thier flaes cannot , this shows the hypocretic nature if most of us


  2. subramanyam / Jun 23 2014 8:39 pm

    Hi Vinod, BJP might have lost in Delhi due to the Onion price 15 years ago. This time around they have amends and are working for it. I was against them when they could not manage it. They came back as a stronger and different force now. Again BJP guys never ran away from challenges, they fought them. Let us see how AAP handles the situation. after the defeat now. In this article I only spoke that if they learn thier lessons they can make a come back, for that we have to wait and watch.


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