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June 11, 2014 / subramanyam

The Crossover —- Open Heart Verses

          Having reviewed some 64 books before on this blog, today I am doing one of the toughest jobs of my life. Reviewing poetry!!! How can one review poems ? Isn’t poetry the free flowing expression of the poet that doesn’t recognize the barriers , flows freely and reverberates in the hearts of others ? Isn’t poetry the legislation of the poet that ignores all the rules and regulations of this man made world ? Isn’t poetry more about seeing the world with a new pair eyes which the author is more than willing to give? Well in that case how can I review poetry ? However, I am doing it today. I would try to do my best as I am trying to write a line or two about Sunil Sandeep’s book “the Crossover —- Open Heart Verses”.

          Sunil Starts of the book with a why ? Why should one express something at all … he goes on to say that the existence the_crossover_sunil_sandeepwants us to celebrate sing and Dance …a very nice way to answer the question. Why? He sings and dances throughout the book, he speaks about Dreams, Reality and the path of life in his verses, but you can see his pen and his soul singing and dancing all the while. As we sing and Dance with him, we are asked tough questions , we are asked sit, relax, look back and contemplate on the journey of our lives. Some of these verses and their very deep meaning that made me believe that I was reading the verses of a philosopher-poet.   The meaning on the surface and meaning when we think deeply about a verse are two different things. From questioning or say inquiry with a “why”, to the “dreams” and from there to “reality” and then to “the path” and finally telling the us that “he is aware that he is aware”, (You read it right) Sunil gives verses that are pregnant with multiple meanings.

          As Robert Frost says , “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” You will fall in love with some of the expressions the author uses in the book , the number of meanings or rather say the possible meanings that come out of these expressions are countless, He uses simple words but the expression would make you think a lot. For example , in a poem he says “The drunken human mind takes us to ditch” . What does he exactly mean by a drunken human mind ? Does the mind really drink ? It’s body not the mind right ? We know a brain exists so intoxication can affect it , but mind in itself is abstract isn’t it ? Now if a mind drinks what all does it drink? How can they affect us ? Read the book to know more. Read the verse and reflect you will get it.

          Some other expressions I liked are “Giant Boulders of harshness rule the world these days”, boulders and ruling the world … interesting isn’t it ? then, “to get out of the prison we must know we are already there” was another nice expression.

          I liked the book , the poems and approach of the author to drive home his point. I liked them all. The way he depicts the troubles in the world and attributes them to the loss of humanity was indeed very good. He tells all this wonderfully, then “The path” part gives us pointers on how things can be improved. The solution part by the author was good as it in a way gives the book a proper ending.

          Writing random poems would be easy, here you can drive home a point with each of the poems but writing  a set of poems to drive home a point and then having themes in them again is really hard and the Sunil Sandeep has done an excellent job here. I would recommend this book , this one makes the reader retrospect and makes the readers see things differently. Do read the book I am sure you would like it.


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