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May 23, 2014 / subramanyam

House of Cards :: My take

          Read another book of Sudha Murty , as ever I enjoyed reading her work . Before speaking about my feelings on this book, here is the blurb of the book.

House of Cards is the story of Mridula, a bright young woman with enormous enthusiasm for life who hails from a House_of_CardsKarnataka village. A chance meeting with Sanjay, a talented but impoverished doctor, leads to love and the couple marry and settle in Bangalore. The more Mridula sees of the world, the more she realizes how selfish and materialistic people can be, but she does not take the ups and downs of life to heart and lives each day with positive energy. Trouble brews when Sanjay quits his government job and starts an immensely successful private practice. With affluence comes the neverending ambition for more and the inevitable slide into corrupt practices. For a long time, Mridula has no idea that Sanjay has sold his soul. When the truth hits her, she has no recourse but to walk out on him, but can she really find a space of her own? This intricately woven novel explores human relationships in telling detail and holds up a mirror to our society with candour and with conviction.

          A girl from the rural heartlands of Karnataka, a boy from a humble background, they coming together and starting a new life in a far-away place, their struggles, their problems, the choices they make , the repercussions, problems between them and a beautiful solution. This book has everything that a typical Sudha Murty book would have.
          Money is needed, our lives would be wrought with troubles without it. However, everything in this world is a package, isn’t it ? Sudha MurtyNothing comes alone and everything comes with its own set of ills, issues and troubles. Some times these ills might go to an extent where we end up losing the precious blocks that build us, it might make us compromise on our core values and that day we might end up losing the core good qualities that actually made us what we are in our lives. One must be careful and grounded when success and money are coming to him/her. H/she should not get into the mode that drives people away from them. This book drives home these points wonderfully. If the message in itself is wonderful, simple English and a beautiful narration are the icing on a wonderfully baked cake.

          A strong female protagonist is always the hall mark of a Sudha Murty novel. This book is no different. It’s not just the protagonist in this case, we see each and every character was well thought of, and was beautifully developed by the author. The only complaint for me is that Alex’s character does not get a proper finish in the book, I do not know why the author left his part as a dangling end.

          While this is book is slightly longer (at least I felt so) than the other novels like “Gently falls the Bakula ” or “Maha Shweta”. one would enjoy the read. I felt that the pace of the narration slowed down towards the end, however that must not be a huge glitch. The way the transformation occurs towards the end is good.

          All in all, a very nice book, one book I would definitely recommend. Do read it . It has a good message.


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