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May 17, 2014 / subramanyam

The Election Results and My Feelings.

          Some things are hard to believe, more so when you are a part of them. The day on which these things unfold will remain red lettered days in one’s life. Yesterday was one such day for me. Looking at the results I was astonished, tensed and happy all at once. 

          The readers of this blog already know my political inclinations, they know my madness for Chandrababu and Modi. It was a dream to see Shri Chandrababu Naidu as CM and Shri Narendra Modi as PM. With the exit polls predicting a clear mandate in favor of Modi, I was confident of a Modi win, however I was extremely tensed about the election in AP.

          Jagan used every trick in the book to win this election, this was having me tensed. Almost all the exit polls predicted a close fight, the huge minority vote bank was a cause of concern, there were so many things to worry about.  I was like a student who gave his exam and was waiting for the result. I was extremely tensed till TDP crossed the half way mark in the AP assembly. Watching TDP tally cross 88 wins was big relief and watching the party cross the 100 mark was the moment of the day for me. One might call it providence , fate or anything but TDP crossing 88 and BJP crossing 272 almost happened at the same time. The joy too got doubled.

         I was expecting Modi and NDA to win 250 to 272 but the way BJP has swept 280+ on its own left me dumbstruck, that very moment I realized that I am in the company of crores and crores of Indians who wanted a change in India. Real big family you see. My hearty congratulations to crores of voters across India for making the right choice.

          These results teach us some very important lessons Naidu and Modi

           a. Corruption is taken seriously by the voters.

           b. The Indian voter is getting more matured and more intelligent

           c. Positive politics and development have a bigger impact on the voter than the caste, creed and religion.

           d. The desire to develop and be a great nation is on an all time high in this country.


          The sooner the parties learn these lessons  the better for them and the nation.

          Now that the election is over there is more work to do. It’s not enough if we elect the right leaders, it is also important that we actively participate in development process. Selecting the right leader is just the beginning, working with them for progress is the most important thing. I wish to contribute my two cents there as well.

          One more thing, now that we have non-congress govt’s in center and the state, its time to be extra careful. Experience shows that Congies will leave no stone unturned to get people on their side. We saw what happened to Vajpayee ji. No room for complacency now and we ought to work hard to ensure that the false rumors don’t spread.  I will discuss all this in another post. This post is for my feelings on 2014 results.

         A special mention and about Pawan Kalyan as he captured our hearts with fantastic campaign in AP. A big thanks to him, things would have been tougher without him. With all the collective efforts the victory became a reality .

         Really really happy, this news about the victory took its time to sink in. More happy as I could contribute my 2 cents to the historic victory of Naidu and Modi. I should thank Brahmaiah Manam for helping me contribute to the change. Brahmam Anna thank you for everything.

 Congratulations to Shri Chandrababu Naidu garu and Shri Narendra Modi ji , hoping that India achieves all its dreams under them.


The good times have begun for India. We are on our journey to prosperity.

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah

Sarve santu Niraamayaah

Sarve bhadraani Pasyantu

Maa kashchit duhkhabaaghbhavet



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