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May 3, 2014 / subramanyam

A Hiatus and the Elections…..

It’s been a while since I wrote anything, was busy with my work at home and a week-long trip to the eastern part of the nation.  Other wise I would no have been so silent when an election of this magnitude is in full swing. With the polling  on April 30th,  the General Elections are complete in most parts of the country.  The place where I reside,  Telangana,  went to the polls on the same day.  The residual state of Andhra Pradesh, the state in which I was born,  will go to the polls on 7th May, a day that is very special for me.

There might be a surprise awaiting all of us in Telangana, there are reports that there was a lot of cross voting.  Many people observe that people voted for TDP -BJP when it comes to the MP’s  even when their choice for MLA was different.  That’s good news but we have to wait till 16th May for the results.

As the political theatre shifts to the residual Andhra Pradesh or SeemaAndhra as it is popularly known, we see that  Jagan’s graph is coming down steadily, he and his party are finding it tough to answer the allegations levelled on them.  TDP-BJP on the other hand are going strong and the Modi-Babu combination is proving to be a game changer.  Pawan Kalyan’s speeches are the icing on the cake.  The way he is taking on Jagan is commendable.  The sheer response to the public meetings of  Naidu-Modi & Pawan speaks volumes about the change of fortunes in the state.

However, things can still be tough , Jagan and YSRCP are not leaving anything to emerge victorious.  They are trying to bring in everything to win the election.  Caste, Religion money power nothing are being spared when it comes to attracting the voters.  There are reports that YSRCP leaders are organising mass public luncheon’s and spending a lot of money wooing voters.

Check this link to find out how one of the candidates used a christian prayer meeting to get the votes for YSRCP .

Here is another link that speaks about money being circulated in Churches. YSRCP’s ways can be weird at times.

          It’s going to be a cracker of a contest and is going to go down till the last ball err last vote :-), hoping that TDP-BJP-JSP combine will just seal this and emerge victorious.  Here is a wonderful campaign advertisement designed by TDP .

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