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April 21, 2014 / subramanyam

Using the academic research for good Governance

          Using the human potential is always one of the key factors for any nation to succeed.  The United States always encourages freethinking, respects intellectual meritocracy and gives a free hand  to the universities while choosing the areas of research and has a culture where university research helps the govt prosper.  The benefits here are mutual, the students would love handle the challenging and daunting tasks that would be stepping-stones of success for them in their careers and the govt would benefit from their research and would get a lot of info from these projects before they take a policy decision or stance with regards to that.  US even encourages and gives a red carpet welcome to highly skilled people, academicians and researchers from all over the world and all these things are paying high dividends to them in terms of innovation and prosperity.  It would be interesting to know that US is using university research projects in the matters like foreign policy as well.

          India on the other hand is moving far from this culture. Governments  and academics are increasingly getting isolated and we rarely hear  govts using the services of the top-notch academicians or thought leaders of various fields while planning and implementing the government policies.  This sort of disconnect might cost us heavily in the days to come.

          However, there are changes that are coming up.  Here is an interview of a very famous academician  Shri B.M Hegde  on how Shri Modi used his services for improving Gujarat.

           Modi ji has been a champion when it comes to using the academic research for the use of government, Gujarat today has a forensic university that aids the police in investigating the crimes, one of the constables in Gujarat won laurels from global giants for the anti crime software he designed. 
          Here is a report in DNA.

           Gujarat also boasts of having the first university for teachers. Gujarat has it all now and now India too deserves all this now. Isliye abki baar Modi Sarkaar.


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