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April 21, 2014 / subramanyam


          “Persuading someone to do something” is probably the toughest thing that any one has to do in his/her life. For some people persuading others would be fun, however the percentage of people who really enjoy it would be less (at least among men J). Most of us however do not like it and we try to avoid persuading people. How much ever we loathe it , how much ever we stand against it or how much ever we try to avoid , persuading others to do something/ act in a specific way is almost thrust on us at some point of time in our lives and we are expected to do it.

          You might be a parent who wants to correct an erring child, you might be a boss who needs to get his work done from his subordinates by persuading them, you might be teacher who is trying get the students to imbibe some amount of discipline for which you ought to persuade them to give up some bad habits, or probably you are a person of authority and you might have to persuade your employees not to leave your organization. Then, if you are into a discipline like marketing or say sales, you ought to persuade people to buy your products.…..

          The underlying commonality in all these situations remains that you ought to persuade people to and get things done. Now comes the question why is it so difficult to persuade people ? What is it in them that makes them resist all the attempts of persuasion? An objective analysis of all this reveals the fact that we humans hate taking orders , we humans hate unsolicited advice and hate being told what needs to be done and rather how it needs to be done when we already know it. Most people would like to be more independent and work as per their own wish and just get turned off when some one is trying to persuade them .

          While the above logic holds true for most of the occasions there are few cases where we willingly do stuff/buy stuff/ buy an advice etc … These are cases where we respond positively to the external stimuli and actually and willingly get persuaded. What are these situations and circumstances and why do we behave that way in those situations ? The video below speaks more these questions and answers them in detail.

         As said before persuading others in inevitable for a person in this modern age, having knowledge on how people actually get persuaded is an invaluable asset. As we now know that a person gives into persuasion for 6 reasons (reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking and consensus) we ought to understand what should be used when and use them accordingly .


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