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April 21, 2014 / subramanyam

Indian Politics — A swot analysis

          Jayaprakash Narayan happens to be one of the most well read and intellectual politicians in India.  Here he takes a swot view of Indian politics.  Listening to his speeches is always rewarding.  In this speech , he speaks on a wide range of issues. He speaks about the first past the post system,  the money power in Indian politics,  the role money is unfortunately playing in the Indian Polity, why well educated and good men are staying away from politics, why and how the huge entry barrier got created for Indian Politics?  why is it that a parliamentarian feels that there is no incentive for what ever he does in the parliament? what do various laws speaks about this? What are the alternatives that exist before the Indians? What are the laws that were passed by the parliament but were not enacted because of various reasons?  why and how the first generation leaders of India were great etc …  Awesome speech and a must listen one to all Indians. The best part of the speech is the optimism of JP

         Here is another speech by him, a Tedex talk actually , he speaks about the immediate changes we need to change the system . Do listen to this one as well .

         JP is contesting this parliament elections from the Malkajgiri constituency, he officially not a part of the BJP  led NDA alliance which I am supporting.  Still I adore him for his wisdom and his grasp on the issues. There are unconfirmed rumors that he would join NDA post elections, I just hope that those rumors come true and irrespective of the election results he gets to be there in the parliament and speaks and guides the govt on various policy matters.



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