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April 18, 2014 / subramanyam

BJP – TDP alliance

          The talk that TDP-BJP alliance is heading towards a break up is really painful for people like me.  Are Jagan’s games are really affecting this? It seems that he is able to influence things from behind, I am not sure though. How else can some one explain the change of candidates in Narsapur , where a very strong candidate like  Raghurama raju was sacrificed in the favor of some one like Gokaraju.   Why did BJP do this ? We donot know the reasons.  Chandrababu Naidu is also miffed Adani meeting Jagan.

          To me, BJP is weak in SeemaAndhra region. Considering  the strength of BJP there,  they indeed got good amount seats in SeemaAndhra region, giving tickets wisely would really help.  Similarly, Modi wave is really big this time, urban voters are connecting very well to him this time. Many young voters are going gaga after him this time. TDP cannot afford to lose such big vote in its favor this time.  This is a winning combination and both parties would lose if they are parting ways.  This is a life and death battle for TDP as well, a loss here would mean a 3 rd consecutive loss for them in AP.  The morale of the cadre will affected in a big way.

          My appeal to both the parties, please think of the people of Andhra Pradesh.  We do not have a capital, we have a revenue deficit, we lost big time during bifurcation,  the govt does not have enough money to pay salaries.  The people are looking for a ruler who brings development, who changes the fate of AP and brings them into the path of development.  Remember this and help the people of AP.

          Hope Naidu and Modi would understand this pain of the common man and  would brush aside all the differences and lead AP to a good future .


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