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April 11, 2014 / subramanyam

To all the friends following this blog.

          Friends, first of all a big thank you for following this blog. I have always tried to have a mix of things at this blog “Truth and Light”. A few book reviews, a few articles on politics , a few articles on motivation, some stuff on management etc… To me that makes the blog balanced and does not choke people with truck loads on information on one particular subject.    However if you look at it for the past few days , you would be seeing an exodus of articles on Politics in general and many articles supporting  Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu in particular.

          Friends, the biggest democratic event in the entire world is underway in India, we are having our general elections for the Lok Sabha and I with all my political inclinations am supporting Shri Narendra Modi for the top job of India. The country is going through a very tough phase and we need some one with proven credentials to take us out of this mess. Of all the contestants we have, Modi is by and large the best  administrator.  His development model has paid rich dividends to Gujarat and has already won many laurels to him.  Toady Gujarat that houses close to 5% of India’s population is contributing to more than 1/5th of India’s GDP.   We  want Modi to deliver similar growth across the nation.

          Coming to my home state of Andhra Pradesh where we are having elections to the legislative assembly , We are having too many issues. The state was bifurcated and I belong to the region that today does not even have a capital city.  While one half Telangana,  is sitting pretty with the a city like Hyderabad and a secured economic future, the other half Seemandhra is searching for a capital city and is staring at a Rs 7000 crore (greater than 1 Billion USD) revenue deficit.  Ironically it was Telangana which wanted to separate and the residual state is bearing the brunt.  Not that things are extremely rosy in Telangana , they too have their problems , but it is the residual Andhra Pradesh or the Seemaandhra Region that looks heavily disadvantaged today. In the past, it was Shri Chandrababu Naidu who brought in prosperity to the united AP state and I wish he comes to helm of affairs in the residual state of Andhra Pradesh and sets things right.

          Hence, I am doing my bit by posting articles, sharing videos and doing whatever it takes to support these two leaders. I feel that it is my responsibility to do this and I am  giving my 2 cents to ensure that my nation” India” has a better future.  This election season would run for one more month and you would see more political articles in the next one month. Please bear with me for the next one month and yeah we will be back to normalcy again.

          Thank you for understanding. As ever please do share what you think about this blog and help me improve.

Thank you.


Subramanyam K.V.



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