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April 11, 2014 / subramanyam

Narendra Modi’s Marital Status

        In politics you only have a no holes barred attack . Given the high voltage political battle in the country when some thing like Narendra Modi’s marital status comes up. It normally is a big weapon in the hands of opposition.  The congies and the Modi baiters in media are trying to make it a larger than life issue and are trying to play with it.

        However, before we pass on our judgements on this please think about the following facts.

        1. Modi got married at the age of 17.  That too against his wish.

        2.  According to his wife , he supported her education and made her stand on her feet.

        3. It was then that around the age of 20 he left the marriage and went out to serve the country.

        4. All this happened some 45 years ago

        5. He revealed it all by himself as he applied for the top job of the country.

        6. His wife retired as a govt school teacher and is a pensioner  who draws Rs. 14,000 as pension.

        7. Neither his wife nor her family actually sued him or accused him of leaving them.

        8. There is no proof that they stayed together for in the last 45 years.

        9.  Many of us today feel that a large part of our society is still conservative  , imagine what it would have been 45 years back.  Had he divorced her then, it would have become a social taboo for both the families.

        10. Remember he was not of the legal age when he got married , he was not of the leagal when he walked out of it . He was merely 20 years old. If some wants to harp on this for ever I do not think it is correct.



        To me Modi did a good thing by revealing his past and coming clean before the national election.  He left the columns blank before but now chose to fill it. He has come clean before the election and I think we should support him.  If at all Mrs. Modi decides to come out and speak some thing then we will have to see.

        Here is a video of Sankar Singh Vaghela , a very well known critic of Modi , and a big leader of Congress saying that Modi did not have a marital life and one  should not get into such details.


        Well if this turns out to be an issue for some one not voting for Modi , well I would say a big Thank you to him and ask him or her to get a life .  Look at the work he did and not drool on what happened 45 years back.


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