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March 31, 2014 / subramanyam

The fantastic “Prophecy”

          In one of my previous book reviews I was mentioning that the Indian writing is exploring new lands and the books and stories are coming in all genres. This is indeed true. In the land of thrillers, romance, mysteries manhunts and mythologies we have a new genre “The Science Fiction”. Yeah, the authors Tnahsin Garg, Pulkit Gupta and Srivatsan Sridharan have explored the unchartered lands of science fiction & fantasy and came up with “The Prophecy of Trivine” , a story that enchants and enthralls the readers. Here is a video promo of the book.

          A scientist who wishes to dedicate his life to the pursuit of knowledge and wishes that

The Front Cover

The Front Cover

he must not be disturbed, an artist who dedicates his life to the pursuit of the perfection @ art, a hacker who wishes to send ripples across the country with an interesting discovery and then an alien, a being from an advanced race in the galaxy who comes to earth with a purpose, a purpose that is extremely important to her in person, to her race and council in particular and the humans at large. As fate and providence had it, all four of them come together in a remote forest in Uttarakhand. What do they do? How are their lives related? Are they related in the first place? Can these people from seemingly different backgrounds come together and work in the first place? What is it that brought them to the forest? What is the task on their hands? Will they be able to fight the demons of the their past? How is humanity’s future linked to it ? Interesting questions aren’t they? For the answers to all these questions you ought to read the book .

          Coming to what I liked in the book, I liked the whole sci-fi idea in the forst place, the technologically advanced races and they monitoring the activity in far off planets etc… nice imagination isn’t it? Then I liked the story’s of Arty, Red Dragon and Siv. Each of those chapters there falls into place perfectly. Of all the three human chanracters in the book, I liked Arty the most, his character some how struck the right chord with me. That’s one character I would never forget in my life. Taking a risk of that sort and leaving everything for the sake of an interest or a dream is just awesome.

          The conversations in the book also are superb, some of them get preachy at times but then they look natural and give a lot of scientific knowledge to the reader. That’s seriously a big take away from the book. Then I also liked the way Agni interacts with all of them, the way she tries to have her way and the befitting reply she gets make it an enjoyable read. Then the language was fantastic, it was as if there was a smooth flow of english, there are good words but that does not demand a dictionary from you, the way the paragraphs were ornated with english makes the act of reading joyful and interesting.

           I loved the way the authors described the forest and the nature there. The very idea of having a map for the reader was good, then the vivid imagery is awesome. I loved effort that went in describe various seasons in the forest. Then describing the forest at various times of the day was also good. Good effort.

          Coming to parts I did not like that much, I would have loved a little more background about Shiv, while the stories of the other two come out well, Siv’s story somehow misses the elaboration. Then the climax too could have been improved, it leaves some open ends, are the authors planning for sequel ? I donot know , but then some of those twists could have been avoided.

          Three authors coming together to produce a story is in it self a novel idea isn’t it? Then we have an unexplored territory sci-fi and fantasy in the book, then we have a good message the books gives us. In this backdrop we can happily brush aside the issues I mentioned above and definitely give the book a try. Let me tell you, this is a book by engineers and they left no stone unturned in making the book an enjoyable and educating one. Do pick the book you would be liking it for sure.

Happy reading

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