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March 29, 2014 / subramanyam

Power and Administrative Experience..

         It’s not enough if you are a great orator, it’s not enough if you are just clean and non-corrupt, it is not enough to be a crowd puller, it is not enough even if you can protest very well, to rule, to administer a state , a country or that for that matter a city you need a vision, a mission and more importantly a good grasp on the various issues and things pertaining to governance.

         Rajiv Gandhi probably got what no other prime minister in the country can ever dream of, a mandate of 400+ seats in a house of 543. Perhaps no other prime minister ever got this sort of mandate. However, he is considered as a prime minister who brought wasted it all and brought in more misery than good to the country. The reason, he was barely 4 years old in politics when he became the prime minister. Far from having a grip on things, he did not even have a grasp on many things and this ultimately costed the nation dearly.

         Bofors, Misadventure in Sri Lanka, Shah Bano, Silanyas at Ram JanmaBhumi, Sikh Riots and the accusations of black money and many other things actually left bigger scars on the lives of Indians.   Again I am not accusing Rajiv personally, I am only saying that his inexperience proved very costly for the nation.

         Same was the case with AAP and Kejrival, they made so many promises, created so much of noise, projected themselves as the saviors of the nation, created hope in the middle class that one of their ilk is coming up with a hope,a vision and a secured future for the country; but then, the 49 day rule @ Delhi was a disaster and it became clear that they just wanted to run away from governance. Saying that they did not know things or they were unprepared for governance are mere lame excuses that people give to cover up the inefficiencies.

         Again staying for a lot of time in politics does not essentially mean efficiency at administration, Mamata and YSR being a classic examples. These people were in politics for quite sometime but then they, for a long a period were out of power. While Mamata was at least for sometime handling ministries @center , YSR handled a ministry at state level once and came back to be the CM after a whopping 28 years. Populism has been their forte and their style of functioning was dictatorial. Did the states grow economically under them? Well, the answer would not be affirmative.

         So , does this mean that staying in power for quite sometime makes people great administrators , to me the answer is no. However, it enhances the experience and the leaders can take more informed decisions. There was a time when people grew up the ladder working in Zilla parishads , then progressing to the role of MLA’s and then to the cabinet. This helped them get a good grasp of things, unfortunately that is slowly fading out these days. Some people might perform very well with out any administrative experience in their yester years, a majority of them however fail miserably.

         We, as the electorate must be careful and see if the candidate has demonstrated good administrative capability before , if not we are inviting our peril .



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