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February 23, 2014 / subramanyam

“The Hunt” is a Kohinoor indeed

          Before I take you through my review of Manreet Sodhi Someshwar’s book  “The Hunt for Kohinoor”,  let me tell you that “The Hunt for Kohinoor” is the second book in the Mehrunisa Trilogy.  You can read my review of the first book “The TAJ Conspiracy here.   Now the question, Should one read “The Taj Conspiracy” before this book?  It is advisable that one reads it, that would help the person in knowing  a lot of characters that come up in  “The Hunt for Kohinoor“. It would also set up the back ground and will keep the reader going. However, it is not 100% mandatory that one must read “The Taj Conspiracy” before  picking this book.

The team was innovative in bringing out video promos.  Here is fantastic video promo of the book.

          A few days ago as I finished reading the 400+ page hunt for Kohinoor and was suddenly left with the feeling like “aah is the book over, already!!! It should have had more, I wanna read more!!!” etc .. Yes, that’s how the book is, it leaves you with a feeling where you want to read more.

          Mehrunisa Khosa who solved the mystery that was shrouding TAJ, was relaxing and was getting along with her work

The Front Cover

The Front Cover of the book

that she receives a call from Raghav, the SSP Raghav of TAJ. That call and the subsequent journey to Srinagar changes her life forever. What does she discover, what sort of ordeal is she going to get into? And what is the result of all this? Is she going to gain anything or does she stand to lose everything she already has?

          Far from Mehrunisa, somewhere in the remote wild lands of Afghanistan, the mujahedeen have got their Badshah Khan, a khan of khans, a man who they believe will get justice to them and their land. His reputation precedes him and no one dares to even speak against him. Who is this Badshah Khan? What are his dreams and what does he have in store for India ?

           Somewhere in the middle in the military controlled Pakistani Republic, there is a general, a man who is filled with mistrust, mad about mirrors and the man who hid the Kohinoor. A military man interested in establishing peace, what does his skeptical nature do to him, his country and his neighbors, were his intentions correct and how would this man go down in history ?

          Then we have a Chanakya @ Indian RAW, an RP Singh who goes down mercilessly on the enemies of the State and the Snow Leopard that’s extremely, extremely ferocious on the field. Then we have the brainwashed Jihadi folks who dream of cutting the infidels to pieces.

          How do all these people interact? Who/what is the snow leopard? What does snow Leopard do to Mehr? What is that big terror attack that was planned ? Is the terror act going to be thwarted? How will all the players respond given the fact that they have only 96 hours to thwart the terror attack? Will Mehr, Snow Leopard and RAW succeed? You ought to read the book to get the answers to all these questions.

Buzkashi game of Afghanistan. By Max Becherer Buzkashi game of Afghanistan. By Max Becherer

The Afghani Riders

          As you get the answers to all these questions you would have travelled through the century old cities in Pakistan, visited the lawless pockets in the FATA, had your Pathani chai in Peshawar and rode the Buzkashi horses in the pathan dominated areas of Afghanistan. You would have already known about pakthunwali, buzkashi, KHAD, Shish Mahal, Ranjit Singh, Gulmarg and the lashkars of Afghanistan. You would also know about horses, AK47’s , RPG’s , Bazookas and  the pitched battles fought in the most unusal terrains of the world. Yes, that’s the amount of information this book offers to you as you read a story woven around Mehrunisa.

          I really liked the research done by the author and the way she presented it. It’s not just fiction its an educational experience as well. You get to know so many things in the book, this book is going to be something you would want to probably re-read for the sake of info at least. I loved the mention of Saragarhi and was instantly connected to it.  I respect for the author for the amount of research that went in to writing the book.

           The book is fairly fast paced and is a page turner, it would keep you glued to it and you would enjoy the read. The author’s

The author --- Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

The author — Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

research and the usage of English & words are things that one must appreciate. The vivid imagery, the way she paints a picture of every incident that happens is an awesome work, I would say picture perfect, real good job done.  Manreet takes us through a tour of our western neighbours and  shows us a number things which we do not know. The best book I read in fiction in the recent days and I would say that it is a must read for every book enthusiast.

           Coming to what could have been done to improve the book; yes the book drags for say 20-30 pages in the last hundred pages of the book but then that’s a minor glitch when you look at it from the overall perspective. Having seen some Hindu bashing in “The Taj Conspiracy” I was searching for something similar here and did not find much here, there was one place but then I think the author tried to express the anguish of one of the characters there.

          All in all, a very very nice book. Kudos to Manreet on a job very well done. This being the second book in the trilogy, my expectations are really too high for the third and the final book on Mehrunisa, let’s see how it comes up, am for sure going to read it. Do pick this up and you will enjoy it.

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