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February 17, 2014 / subramanyam

Some truth’s about Kejri’s LokPal bill…


Many people today believe that  Kejrival was just looking for a way to get out of Delhi CM seat and Lokpal came handy.  Is this true ? Was AAP playing a game or were they serious about Lokpal in Delhi . Do read this small but beautiful piece by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta.

          If Gujarat CM were to present a bill in Assembly, that Gujarat Lokayukt can arrest a corrupt Income Tax officer, who comes under central Govt, then obviously, Gujarat Governor and many Gujarat MLAs will oppose tabling that bill, as that bill is BLATANTLY unconstitutional.

          Now AK-420 tried tabling a bill, which allowed Delhi Lokayukt to take corruption cases in Delhi police and DDA, both of whom come under Central Govt !! So Governor had to refuse and so did many MLAs. 

          IOW, AK-420 is only playing game. If he was sincere about making law, the why didnt he proposed a law that would fall within Delhi Govt’s powers. Also, AK gave copy of bill to MLAs at 11pm , i.e. just 10 hours before the proposal to table the bill was put. And the PDF of bill is still not available on Delhi govt website or AAP website !!!

          And the FACT that paid-media is NOT highlighting this issue shows that paid-media is highly compromised. 

          Also, BJP\Congress MLAs never demanded resignation of CM. The CM could have asked Lt Gov on his conditions and asked Congress/BJP to give their conditions.

          Since 9-apr-2011, I have been telling all that AK-420 and Anna-840 are just drama artists. They have NO intention of improving laws. Otherwise, there are 10s of good law-drafst which fall within Delhi Govt’s ambit such as Right to recall Delhi Mayor, RTR Delhi Corporator , law-drafts to improve schools, law-drafts to improve hospitals, expel bangladeshis and many more. 

          But all AK-420 wanted to do was drama. So he deliberately drafted a law-draft that Lt Gov cant allow and MLAs would not allow either. And then he took that as excuse to resign. 

          Solution I propose is that we should inform activists about DRAFTS, and request them to take DRAFT based activism, and dump face based activism.

Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta


Source : Facebook


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