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January 28, 2014 / subramanyam

“Love @ Airforce” :: A different book indeed…

          A boy and a girl mostly from the 2 remote corners of the nation, very passionate about doing something big in life, their love for the country draws them to Air Force.  They meet each other in the air force academy,  fight their ways to end up as  fighter pilots. A set of uncanny circumstances that bring them together and they both fall in love. They fight some extremely tough and challenging situations to become one and live happily thereafter.  These were the first thoughts that came to mind when I glanced at the title  “Love @ Air Force”.

          Well, that was picture that any stereotyped mind would see when it hears the words love and Air force. Thanks to movies and the regular flicks that come up on the Television. We are conditioned to think like this aren’t we ?   However, Gaurav Sharma,300x300_7d9224d4cf8bed010ba2ac5b339db1d4 author of the book “Love @ Air Force” differs from this perspective of ours. He paints a completely different picture of the Air force  and gives a completely different meaning to word “love” in his book “Love @ Airforce”.

         The book is narrated from the eyes of the “Sushil”, a person who has put in 15+ of his life’s years in the Air Force.  One fine morning, he accidentally meets his teenage pal “Shabd” in the air force hospital and realizes that his friend has ended up a few notches above him. (In terms of Ranks).  How do these pals catch up with each other and how the entry of a third friend changes the equation altogether is something you ought to read in the book.

          Coming to story line and plot, I cannot speak about the plot for the fear of revealing too much here.  It is the story of few men and women in their  late thirties and these guys have grown wiser with age.  The situations they face and the decisions they take are portrayed very well. It is definitely a story with a difference.

          The style of writing is good and easy to read, I completed the book at a stretch (4 hours).  I would not say that it is un-putdownable, but it definitely arouses the interest of the reader and keeps him/her glued to the book.  Coming to the way the characters were sketched and developed, I loved the character of Sushil, it is one character most people can identify with, the troubles, tribulations, day-to-day challenges and the way they change a person’s perspective were really very well portrayed.  I loved the way the Sushil’s character gets developed as the book progresses.  Coming to the other female characters in the book, among Soumya, Divya and Sharmishta I felt the Divya was the more close to reality and in a way was the prime character of the book.  The maturity Soumya displays is real good though.

          The USP of the book is the myths it bursts and some bitter truths it brings to light.  For most of us, the knowledge of armed forces starts and ends with the fighter jets and the action packed battle fields. This story brings to light, the men behind the war machinery and gives us a first hand glimpse of the troubled lives of the non-commissioned officers.  The hatred for rules and the way these people resist the officers and their orders was well depicted. It also tries to give a balanced perspective. The author tries to explain why such a rank and file should exist in services. He tries to show that harmony was the intention behind all this and it actually exists in the services.

          We all are used to the love stories where young men and woman don’t seem to think twice before jumping the gun. Will there be a difference when love happens or gets rekindled when you are in your middle years?  Will the priorities of life change?  and if they change how will the people handle it? This author tries to answer some of these questions in this book.  Hence, we get to see love from a slightly different angle.

          All in all, a very nice book that offers a refreshingly fresh perspective of things.  It is not regular rom-com  you would read.  Do pick it up and you are going to enjoy the read.

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