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January 15, 2014 / subramanyam

Human Resource Management — Then and Now

          For most of us (ppl whose job is predominantly technical) the word Human Resources Management would mean a subject/job which deals with a set of activities which are aimed selecting individuals in to the company, addressing any concerns of the associates and handling the exit activities of the associates. We should have got used to this notion partly because most of us would rarely interact more with an HR other than the following cases.
a. when we join the company (HR round of our interviews),
b. at the time of appraisals ( once to fill the form and the next to receive the letters ) .
c. Organizing of some out bounds /cultural evening (here again a select group interacts with them)
d. exit interview .

          Traditionally the human resource Management departments were essentially doing only staffing job (the ones stated above) and had relatively less role and significance in the organizational goals and plans. These departments mostly were dedicated to developing staffing plans, handling complaints, conducting performance appraisal programs, determining the compensation and incase an employee chooses to leave the company these guys helped the employee and company in finding out the final settlement.

          The modern markets, the changes in the environment, demographic changes, the steep increase in the cross cultural interactions, the changing nature of jobs, the advent of modern technologies the mergers and acquisitions of firms across the globe and above all the limited supply of skilled labor have made most of the firms realize and acknowledge the importance of Human Resource Expertise.

          Even today the above activities (mentioned in the second Paragraph) are the prime functions of HR, nevertheless the activities such as training and development, designing the organizational structures, driving the organizational ethics across all the associates,  controlling attrition, aiding associates in handling their stress, understanding the core values and aiding smooth transitions in the times of mergers and acquisitions is making the Human Resource Management all the more relevant and important in attaining the organizational goals.

          I would follow this up with a series of articles discussing the importance of Human Resource Management from an organizational perspective


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