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January 14, 2014 / subramanyam

Time is not Money

          Time is money folks, you don’t lose time, you actually lose money.  I remember this piece of advice from one of my seniors during the early phases of my career.  It’s not just him, every now & then we see people equating time with money and many a times we see logic in that argument.  Isn’t time equal to money ?  Aren’t we losing on many opportunities that can make us more wealthy just by procrastinating and taking no action?  

          So, when I heard that there is a book “Time is not money” by Shyam Taneja, I was naturally curious and I picked it up.   I was simply curious and wanted to know what the author meant by that statement.  This book speaks about time  management and takes a different approach to it . It speaks more about self management than time management.  The author drives home the point that it is not about managing time but about managing ourselves which is the key to success. He speaks about a 360 degree development where we ought to have MASTER goals in every dimension of life. He asks us to utilize our body mind and soul to the best affect and be successful in our career, have a great family life and contribute to the society around us. It is unique for the author connects our core things  body, mind and soul to family , career and society . I really liked the approach.

         Then he also speaks about the importance of habits and how we ought to make “good time management” a habit,  his analysis on habits was something I really liked . He speaks about the knowing –doing gap and the importance of skill up gradation. One thing that caught my attention was the perception change that he requests and asks us to focus on the gifts we have (our strengths) than our weaknesses. He argues that each one of us is gifted and focusing on our gifts would give us more rewards in life.   I indeed liked these points.  The way the author looks at the High Value and Low Value activities is different and the way he takes that to the important – urgent matrix is again very good.

         He also examines a few perspectives and frameworks like the carrot and stick sort of one’s before coming down to the “I can – I will” framework,  the thought process and the perspective with which time management was viewed indeed looked unique to me.

         Coming to the things I did not like, I read the kindle version of the book and  the alignments , the pictures and graphs were really in a disarray. There were these occasional grammatical errors also which sort made the book tough one to read.  I donno if the latest one on Amazon has been rectified to remove these errors and if it not then there is a lot editing to that needs to be done.

         That apart this one is a real good book. It gives you a different and refreshing perspective of things.  It tells us that time is not just equal to money but it is much greater than that. It gives some real good techniques to handle time.  Do try it out  and you would see yourself making some corrections to your time management strategy.

I was introduced to this by one my friends Shiv Kumar Keskar.  I am really thankful to him for introducing me to this.

This incidentally happens to be the 50th book review on this blog. Thanks to the Almighty. It is with his support that this blog is progressing. Again thanks to all the readers. It is your kind words that motivate me to write more. Thank you.  


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