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January 11, 2014 / subramanyam

My views on AAP

          Ok, here I am, writing the first political post of the year and putting forward my views on AAP. 

          I really loved the strategy of Arvind Kejriwal.    He got connected to the youth and middle class with an anti-corruption campaign that started in 2011. 2011-2012 was  time he toured all over nation and established his connect with the middle class and the Arvind_Kejriwal_AAP_360 educated lot of the country.  He used entire 2013 to get connected to the lower strata of the society. Thus, in a way he captured the imagination of the entire populace in a span of two years.   The anti corruption rhetoric echoed through the length and breadth of the nation and Kejriwal cemented his place as one of the prime crusaders against corruption.

         The result was the astounding success in the New Delhi, and thanks to what seems like a  gaffe from the Congis (at least from their own perspective) Kejrival is in the corridors of power right now.  I was one of the happy souls when Kejrival chose to accept the challenge of running a govt in Delhi .  It is one opportunity to show the people the mettle of AAM admi and give the people a taste of progressive and corrupt free governance.  It is a different story that the govt might not last for a long time. For all practical purposes, the grand old party of India might want to pull the plug as soon as AAP starts levelling corruption charges against them.

         How has AAP been doing for the past 2 weeks? To me it is really squandering the opportunity.  I think they are resorting more and more populism than efficiency @ governance.  Let us look at the decisions they took.

  1.     Manish Sisodia is speaking about a 90% reservations to Delhities in DU. 
  2.    Yogendra Yadav speaks of more reservations going forward. (He plans it at a national stage but would apply to Delhi as well.)
  3.    Kejrival  plans to remove the fines on auto rickshaw drivers who refuse to carry commuters.
  4.    They have already started the free water schemes and are reducing the power tariffs.
  5.    Above all, (not linked to Delhi govt though) Prashant  Bhushan sings his views on Kashmir
  6.   Then we have the accommodation issue with the new CM

          All I see here is populism,populism and more populism . Reducing the power tariff and free water look good to begin with, but economics catches up very soon and the treasuries would start bleeding.  I some how believe that these people are fostering a sense of entitlement than the empowering the people.  Sad to see that even the very knowledgeable people are turning into demagogues.  

          One more thing,  I somehow am finding it strange that Kejrival is keeping all the important portfolios

A long way to go for Kejrival

A long way to go for Kejrival

with himself.  While he has the important Home and Finance portfolios, he has kept with himself Planning, Power, Services, Vigilance and all other departments not allocated. Isn’t this a huge work load on a chief minister. 

          I am against the overdose of sops, as a resident of a state that has witnessed and is witnessing sopocracy, I would say that freebies are real bad beyond a point.  Somehow I cannot support this . When a sense of entitlement sets in the people, it is very tough to sell the idea of individual responsibility and collective good. We ought to empower them to perform better not make them feel entitled to sops.  Last but not the least any thing that comes free gets wasted and a nation can never distribute wealth before fleecing it from the people.

         Corruption free government need not essentially be a govt that distributes sops and extols populism. Hope AAP realizes this at the earliest and delivers good governance.  A failure of AAP would be a blow to any AAM ADMI who dreams to change the nation. A course correction is need of the day from AAP.  Hope APP does that very soon.

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