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January 7, 2014 / subramanyam

Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are

Awesome post I found on my frined Sai Krishna’s blog. Liked it very much hence reblogging it here .


This is a blog post from Harvard Business Review Blog Network and it is written by Meredith Fineman. I am re-blogging this post as I felt the article is spot-on and it is relevant to all our lives. The post starts below.

We’re all just so “busy” these days. “Slammed” in fact. “Buried.” Desperately “trying to keep our heads above water.” While these common responses to “How are you?” seem like they’re lifted from the Worst Case Scenario Handbook, there seems to be a constant exchange, even a a one-upping, of just how much we have on our plates when we communicate about our work.

My favorite “busy” humble-brag was that of a potential client who apologized for lack of communication due to a “week-long fire drill.” What does that even mean? Does this mean there were fake fires, but not real ones, all week? Does calling it a “drill”…

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