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December 30, 2013 / subramanyam

Retro of 2013….

           One more time and this would be a habit, for the past two years  I have been doing a retrospective analysis of the happenings of the year that has gone by  in my personal  and professional life and am posting it on this blog.  It actually helps me know what I have done in the last one year and what motivates me to go forward. This post, another retro of my life, might drive you nuts as it has no important info other than the good bad and ugly of Subbu in 2013. Hence think twice and act wise before you continue reading .

          2013 has been an eventful year for me, it  had days that had me jumping with joy, down with sorrow and yeah a fair number of uneventful and run on the mill days too…

Good Habit I started this year :

 Not too many good habits in this year, but yeah I did cut down of the amount of time I watch T.V. (it still eats substantial amount of my time, but the viewing time did come down. Thanks to Mom and wifey).

                Prioritizing the work is slightly better than it was before.  I know I am improving.

Old habits that persist:

Laziness, procrastination and talkativeness.. I am improving on them but then again leaps and bounds to cover.


Good things that happened to me :

         Last year , I joined Toastmasters, this year God was benevolent and he made me reach  the nation’s top ten in one of the contests.

         I lost a contest but gained a mentor, really happy to have found a life mentor this year.

Reading :

          I completed a decent set of books this year,

(i)                  Kesavan’s Lamentations

(ii)                  RIP

(iii)                Lashkar

(iv)              Salim Must die

(v)                The secret of Nagas

(vi)              The oath of Vayuputras

(vii)              Munemma (Telugu)

(viii)           F?@K Knows

(ix)              MBA is not about Money,Blazer, Arrogance

(x)                Once upon the tracks of Mumbai

(xi)              The Homing Pigeons

(xii)              Vote of Confidence

(xiii)           A  Maverick Heart

(xiv)           Amreekan Desi

(xv)              3 lives in search of a bliss

(xvi)           Behind the beautiful forevers

(xvii)         English Bites

(xviii)        Arjuna

(xix)           Asura

(xx)              Unenchanted

(xxi)           99 thoughts on Ganesha

(xxii)         Dalhousie burning

(xxiii)        A short History of Congress Chamchagiri

(xxiv)       Ram @  (Telugu)

(xxv)         The Legend of Amrapali

(xxvi)       Andhra Nagari (Telugu)

(xxvii)      The Proposal

(xxviii)    The WordKeepers

(xxix)       The Sky Serpents

(xxx)         Bankerupt

(xxxi)       Time is not money


I enjoyed reading most of them , some of them had an indelible impact on me.  I just could not read some of them. I hated one of those books. But then I did do a decent reading is what I believe.  I could not write reviews for all of them. I wrote reviews for the books which did come to me for a review. For the rest I wrote a review whenever I got time.


Professional life :

                Not much to say, or rather not too many good things to say.  I learnt a thing or two about Big Data this year and am training myself on management these days.  That apart yes, things are going at a slow pace.   Big area to make amends in 2014.

Blogging :

         The number of blogs I had on social issues also came down. This year I had more book reviews than anything else, hoping to make amends in the next year.  The good points that still stand out are that I was asked to review more books.  I really enjoyed it.  I regret not blogging too much about the AP state bifurcation, but then it is a topic that makes me emotional, so I was just fighting emotions than writing stuff.

Things that gave a lot of satisfaction :

  1.        Starting telugu jati manadi page on FB.
  2.       When a few authors came back and thanked me for the reviews I did for their books.
  3.       I wrote an article on AP bifurcation and posted it on FB. The response was really over whelming
  4.       Learning TT.


Moments of the year :

(i)           The day I gave a speech @ Division level contest in ToastMasters, I lost the contest but a number of people came to me and applauded me for the speech . It was an awesome experience. I shook hands with more than a 100 people that day.

(ii)          Meeting Shri Chandrababu Naidu garu, I spent about 2 hours at his residence . It was an awesome feeling.

Most embarrassing moment :

          One of my friends shot back at me saying that he was just bearing me , he was just keeping with all my antics and was hanging around even when I did not give time to him.  I realized how little time I am giving to family and friends it was indeed embarrassing .

Things I did not like about myself:

                Almost a copy paste from last year

         Poor planning for things, that kept me in tight spot quite a number of times.  Then, using office time for personal work. I improved the pace at which I work in the office, but I am sure that’s not enough. I am gradually losing touch with friends, the time I am giving for family is also coming down . Good that my family is really supporting me in all my endeavors else I would have been in a spot now. Again no exercise, no food discipline, added many pounds this year ….. the list simply  goes on…. I wish to correct most of them next year , lets see what 2014 has in store for me.

Wishing  one and all a very happy new year 2014.



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  1. Ravikumar Nandigam / Dec 30 2013 4:41 pm

    A master in making, for sure 🙂 Please make sure you add Exercise in your daily routine sir ji. Love to see you fit 😛


    • subramanyam / Jan 2 2014 9:44 pm

      Thank you Ravi. Yes wil be adding exercise to my routine this year. Thank you for all the kind words.


  2. Haritha / Dec 30 2013 10:06 pm

    Though the time you spend with your family is less, your family always understands and supports you…. And you need not care about people who don’t understand you and have some time for you….


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