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December 27, 2013 / subramanyam

The Sky Serpents :: My take

Before proceeding with my review, here is the blurb of the book.

One day they were here and the next day they were gone’.

The world is in great danger. The powerful god Kali, ruler of Kali yug, has a new weapon – the deadly Skyserpents. The avatar, Bilal and his twin, Anya, are the only ones who can save Earth from complete destruction. 

However, hope exists; and if they succeed, more than one world can be saved.

In the second book of The Wordkeepers Trilogy, the twins’ journey takes them from the prison tower of Vishasha to Victorian London to the idyllic world of Alkapuri, where Anya learns a staggering secret.


           As a cultural committee coordinator (in my college days) I always used to warn the dance teams performing in the middle, “Guys you need to maintain the tempo that has already been set by the prev teams, don’t bring the tempo down, once we lose it we cannot build for the gala event coming in the end.”  This was sort of statutory warning from me. For, I always made sure that the opening was a great one and reserved the best dance for the last.  Hence, I was always concerned about carrying the tempo in the middle.  A brilliant opening to capture the audience and a brilliant closure to leave them on a high are fantastic, however if you are not careful enough in the middle you might lose the momentum which kills the entire show.  

          Anything that comes in the middle is that important in my opinion, maintaining the tempo and setting up a stage for the  gala stuff that’s coming up is not easy at all. However, it doesn’t seem to be an issue for Jash Sen. The author whoThe Sky Serpents_JashSen had a great opening with “The WordKeepers” does an even better job with her second book “The Sky Serpents”.  The story scales new heights and book becomes more gripping. As we travel from Rakshas tal –to the red planet —to the medieval London and then to the mythical Alkapuri, we also travel through human emotions “grief–sacrifice—happiness—deceit–friendship— betrayal” etc…  It is awesome as we experience all this through the eyes of the messiah and his teenaged twin Anya.

          Coming to the plot, as if to give fitting reply to the soaring evil  Anya and Bilal take the war to the heart of the red planet, a surprised and stunned enemy responds by unleashing one of his most modern and greatest weapons. What is the weapon? Will Kali succeed ? What will the wordkeepers do? Who are the other chiranjeevis who come out to help Anya and Bilal ? What has Kubera got to do with all this ? What will Anya learn @ Kubera’s place? What is the supreme sacrifice that is needed to save the world? Who is going to make that sacrifice?  Read the book for all these details.

          Awesome plot, gripping narration, nice research , simple language and above all a story that connects to most of us.  The way things unfold and the way they teenagers fight it out just makes us say wow!! Nicely written. I liked it very much and am now waiting for the third part to come. The stage is already set and both “the Good” & “the bad” are ready with their forces. Let’s see what the author has in store for us. As for now, Jash sen has really done great job in “The Sky Serpents”.   Do read it, you would definitely enjoy it.               


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