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December 27, 2013 / subramanyam

Bankerupt is a thriller

          A scheming villain (well all the villains are scheming aren’t they 🙂 ), an upstart grad dreaming to make it big in life, a beautiful and dutiful girl, a romantic escapade, the cut throat competition,  few nasty board room deals, a financial fraud and a bank at the heart of all this. Smells a rat, yes it’s one more thriller from the golden quill of Ravi Subramanian, the John Grisham of banking.

          Yes, Ravi is back with a bang and his latest book “The Bankerupt” is another thriller on banking.  We have all the natural elements of a Ravi subramanian’s novel in this.  We have the young & extremely ambitious Aditya who wants make it big in life , he is with Great Boston bank and is highly respected for his hard work and business acumen.  Then we have  the beautiful and young Cirisha Narayanan, a researcher and professor at MIT. Then we have her father Mr. Narayanan who wants to make it big with the EMU farming in TamilNadu.  Then we also have an entrepreneur who wants to sell an empire which he has so painstakingly built.  

          Some thousands of miles away, in the United States of America, there a arms lobby that wants to influence the Bankerupt front cover academic research in a way that suits them. There is a professor who stands upto them and another who falls for them.  The vested political interests and a looming election makes the things murkier.

          How do all these seemingly different people interact?  What brings all of them together and what choices do they make?  How do all these choices affect them?  What has GB2 got to do with all this? Can “the good” really sustain in a world that’s controlled by greed and avarice ?  Well, read “The Bankerupt” and you would have your answers.

          One thing I like about Ravi Subramanian’s books is the fact that  along with entertainment you also get some education.  Even for a happy – go – jolly reader this book gives some good info on how things happen and how technology is indeed changing lives.  Ravi used the concept of “cloud” in his book “The Bankster”. This time he uses another such technical concept to break the mystery.  Way to go sir.

          Coming to the characters and the way they evolve. It is awesome.  The high handedness with which decisions are taken and then the way the characters repent when those decisions make their lives go awry were well presented.  I really liked Aditya’s character, the way he starts out as a rookie only to get transformed as a humble man who understands the value of every act in life was dealt wonderfully.  The-end- to-means part of Aditya’s character and  Cirisha’s observations are —– mark my words a real nice  read.  Same is the case with Cirisha’s character.  I simply loved the way Ravi  sketched them.

          Coming to the areas that could have improved, honestly I did not find many.  Save few parts where the pace of the story comes down, That acts as a deterrent at times and you feel like “when will this slack be over so that I can do a fast paced reading again”, but thankfully that sort of stuff is only sporadic.

          Again, I liked the way the story was developed, the way  the plot thickens and the way the scheming board room games were described. The scandals at the bank and the shoe chain were giving jitters but the MIT centric plot stands out.  They make it a good read. The parts that deal with the gun control lobbies of the US are also awesome.  All in all a nice book, perfect for a jolly read. Do pick it up when you have time.

Read this book quite sometime ago, did not get time to write  review , Happy that I could finally write it

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