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December 26, 2013 / subramanyam

A Small write up on Hindu Mythology

I wrote this as a comment on a blog post on Bhanumathi (Duryodhana’s wife), I liked what I wrote. I tweaked it a little, added a few lines here and there, improvised it  and now am posting it here to preserve it . Some mumblings of mine on Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

          Coming to Indian Mythology and the texts of Sanatana Dharma, we ought to observe one thing. If you read Ramayana or MahaBharata in the original text (Valmiki Ramayana or the Original MahaBharata by Veda Vyasa), you would find that there is no character assassination done in either of the texts. In fact Ramayana does not become judgmental at all about the character of Ravana. It only illustrates on how a man with so much knowledge and so much tapasya and so much of devotion, lost out just because he could not reign a few emotions. It’s not that he died alone,  his entire clan died, all because he saw a woman in way she should not be seen. All because a woman cried her heart out for the act he did. Sri Rama gives him multiple opportunities to change himself and  live as a good man,he rejects. His own ministers, brothers and even his own beloved wives ask him to reform  he just would not listen!!! He would just not listen to anyone and ends up embracing  his own death. His decision and stubbornness, not only result in his death , it also takes the lives of countless soldiers, his own sons, his brothers and many others.  That’s what happens when the emotions control the decisions and you lose the habit of listening to good advice.

          Same is the case with Duryodhana. In Mahabharata,  he openly says “jaanami dhramam nacha me pravruttih, jaanaami adharmam nachame nivruttih” meaning I know Dharma but my mind is not getting interested in it. I know adhrama my mind is simply not leaving it. He had great amount of  knowledge on statecraft  and was a good administrator too.  He knew a lot of things, he did some good things also . When Pandavas are in Aranyavasa , they send a spy to know how Duryodhana was ruling and the spy “the Vanechara” gives a good account on how good an administrator Duryodhana was.  

          However, this man with all these good qualities could not resist envy. That brought his downfall. He was ruling “Hastina” when Pandavas were ruling “IndraPrastha”, he just could not resist the envy and could not digest Draupadi laughing at him.  He committed sin after sin, misbehaved with Draupadi to an extent where she wanted to see the end of him, he reneged on the agreements and went to the Kurukshetra where he lost all.

          We need to learn from these people, we need to learn that no matter how learned we are, how good we are with the people around us  and  how much knowledge , wealth and power we possess, it does not matter . We must try, get disciplined and succeed in mastering emotions, (saying is easy but doing is near impossible) else we would meet the same end as Ravana and Duryodhana.  That’s one of the key messages I take from these epics.


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