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December 20, 2013 / subramanyam

Jash Sen’s “The WordKeepers” enthralls us…

          To begin with I would not have known about this book if not for Mahabore’s review of this book on his blog.   I like the way he writes. After reading his review  I went ahead and bought this book on Kindle.

          Here is the blurb of the book (picked it from Good reads)

“The wordkeeper was taken; abducted right under my nose. That left my final hope, the new wordkeeper.”

Anya’s carefree teenage life is thrown into turmoil when her mother is abducted, passing on the mantle of wordkeeper to her. Her only ally for this task is a cursed immortal warrior.
In another part of the country, village boy Bilal dismisses tales about a prophecy claiming he is a messiah … until the day his dearest friend is killed in a case of mistaken identity.

Anya and Bilal need to find each other so they can fulfil the old prophecy and destroy their common enemy, the vengeful god who pursues them.

The first of a trilogy, this book takes you on a breathtaking journey of fantasy and adventure, through modern cities, ancient cremation grounds, mythical planets and mystical mountains.

          I think the Indian writing is going through a retell and rewrite Hindu mythology phase, as  we get to  see a lot of authors  who the-wordkeepers-275x275-imadgsfgyzxbh7we pick up characters from the Hindu Mythology and spin their own stories around them. Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi  and others have already shown the way with the  Shiva Trilogy and The Krishna Key and now its Jash Sen, who enthralls us with her brilliance in the Wordkeepers Trilogy.

          As the blurb tells us, the story starts with Anya, a normal teenage girl who receives an unnatural message from her mother. The letter passes on the mantle of a word keeper to her and asks her to meet a chiranjivi in a far off land.  Now how does Anya cope with the changes of her life and where all does this fable take her is an interesting read.

          Somewhere in a remote village on Andhra Pradesh there is a boy called Bilal, he is a happy go lucky guy who realizes that he has some magical powers.  A stranger keeps telling him that he is a messiah but Bilal refuses to acknowledge it ……. Until one of his friends gets killed due a mistaken identity.  What choice does Bilal make then and how does it impact his life is another thread.

          Somewhere far from earth on a red planet a treacherous plan is being put to action.  Gods and demigods there are plotting something cruel and wicked!!!  They want to destroy and kill the blue planet, but even before that they want the wordkeepers.

          Then, on earth we have a group of chiranjivis who are entrusted with a task of utmost importance and they are hell-bent on protecting the wordkeepers. Now,  who are these word keepers and what is task that was entrusted to them. How do Bilal and Anya come into this. What is the game that’s unfolding in the universe as the world is drawing towards the closure of Kaliyuga. All this is something you ought to read in the book ” The Wordkeepers”.

          Awesome plot, this book is more or less the base on which the future books in the Trilogy are going to come. Very well researched and connected, for example still a lot of people do believe that a chiranjeevi comes and pays respects in a fort temple in Burhanpur. Similarly the author got her mythological facts right and added good modern twists for the future in a very much agreeable way.  The names she gives to the Kali’s (not goddess Kali, I am referring to Kali as in Kali yug) forces are also good, there a good inner meaning for the readers. Do look at the names carefully.

          Perfect book for the teenagers and young adults, they would definitely enjoy the book. However persons from any age group can happily pick the book for a joyful read.


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