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December 18, 2013 / subramanyam

“The Proposal” is interesting indeed.

                 Nadine is a high-flying career woman who thinks only about her career, she works overtime and takes up all the work from her superiors without a question.  Ethan is a happy-go-lucky who at times volunteers to be a stripper and a male escort for a few extra wads of cash . As fate had to have it both of them end up meeting each other at the bachelorette party of Nadine’s sister. They do get attracted to each other but come out of it soon.

                A few days later Nadine has a crisis and she desperately needs help, She approaches Ethan with a request to help. What isThe Proposal the crisis?  Would Ethan help her ? What all twists and turns await them in their lives because of this one proposal ? Well to know that, you ought to read  in the book “The Proposal” by Lily Zante.

                Nice book, easy to read, simple plot (it would still make you glued to the book though), nice narrative and good characterization. So practically a good and enjoyable read.  The characters indeed look very natural and one can relate to them very easily. At least that happened with me, I could really relate to Nadine ,Ethan and Melissa. At times it was like, yeah I would have done the same had I been there in that situation. A few people might say that the plot is a little too simple but then romance stories normally have such plots.

               Coming to the things that could have improved, yeah the ending seems slightly rushed through. But then the author has sequel so that is not much of a pain point. Then the length of the book, this one is really short, so she could have added an incident and made it more interesting.

                All in all,  yeah,  a nice book, something that you can finish quickly and enjoy the read. Happy reading


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