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December 17, 2013 / subramanyam

An Year since Nirbhaya..

          An year since the Nirbhaya….. while the awareness in the country against the crime on women has definitely increased. The crime against women also increased.  There were 706 sexual assault cases in Delhi  in 2012, in the first 11 months of 2013 the number of cases went up to a whopping 1493. There were lot of speeches and debates on this issue post the Nirbhaya  incident . We have had a lot of acts also coming up , but the crime just doesn’t subside. 

          To me there should be an attitudinal change towards women in the society. That comes only when there are good educational campaigns , remember the campaigns for the eradication of pulse polio, against AIDS and for family planning . Those campaigns changed the way people looked at things. We need such campaigns in this issue also . We need campaigns that educate people to end the violence against women. This would definitely help.  As long as we do not do that, it does not matter how many laws we bring in, how many debates we conduct  or for that matter  how many  inspirational speeches we give. Those would just remain as acts. For people to take action we need education and that must come from the govt , the NGO’s &  the mass media. Every educated person like you and me must give our 2 cents in making  these campaigns  a huge success.


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