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November 25, 2013 / subramanyam

Bangalore & Chennai Attacks & my musings

          Having seen the brutal and dastardly attack on a woman in an ATM in Bangalore I am totally shocked. The assailant behaved in the most abnormal , inhuman and obnoxious way possible.  I had a feeling that if this person is ever ever caught, there should be no trial, no court & no judicial procedure.  All they have to do is just stone him to death or hang him in public.  Outlandish it may sound, but that was the first reaction of mine after watching the video. 

          Then yesterday, I heard about the incident in Chennai, where two assailants attacked a ration shop, brought the M_Id_441112_Bangalore_woman_attacked shutters down, assaulted the woman employee Ms Gomathi, looted Rs18000 from her and happily escaped. Ms. Gomathi lost her ear … yes you read it right, her “EAR”  in this process and was lying there unconscious for a couple of hours or so before she was rescued.  Now isn’t this shocking ??? 

          What’s more worrying here is the fact that the both incidents happened in places where a lot of people go or rather say frequent regularly, so, it could have actually been someone close to us who could have been attacked and looted.  The audacity with which the crimes were committed is astonishing.  When you look at both these incidents the thing that comes out brazenly is the fact that the assailants were more interested in looting the victims alone, they tried to paralyse the victims and then ran away with the cash.  The physical assaults in both the cases were intended to restrict the movement of the victims so that the assailants can escape safely.  

          Of late, we are hearing more &  more cases that fall in this category, the chain snatchings have increased, robberies have increased, violence is increasing, shop lifting is increasing .. on a whole the crime rate is increasing. In such circumstances, incidents of this sort are an indication of  bigger problem that is going to raise its ugly head in the days to come. “The rich –poor divide”.  Thanks to the economic liberalization in the 90’s, some sections of the society really got the benefits and are enjoying the fruits of liberalization.  This also pushed the bar for essential services like education, medication , proper sanitation etc .. and the costs of all these services have gone up significantly.  Now the sections of the society that were not benefitted from the economic liberalization were left out completely, almost no one bothered about them, the hyper inflation for the essential commodities plus increased costs for basic amenities meant that the poor were only getting poorer.  To get a first hand understanding, compare the pace at which your family income had gone up and the pace at which your maid’s/servant’s income has gone up.

          Then the heavy industrialization and the new and new products and offerings that are coming up are also snatching away the jobs from the poor and today  many manual jobs are getting replaced by automated machines.  This is making the already poor more and more unemployable.  To get out this they need goo education and that too is almost out of bounds for the poor thanks to the high costs involved. So they are into an unending trap actually. On the top of it, the entertainment industry also is falling into the trap of promoting rich lifestyles and posh gadgets as if they are bare minimum necessities of life.

          As if this is not sufficient, the ones who prospered are brazenly showing of their new found riches, all this is only adding up to the fury and misery of the ones who believe that they are getting marginalized in the great Indian growth story.  The result, there is an anger on the society at large . This anger is also fuelling a feeling that it is not wrong if they rob someone of something for they feel that this society is already unfair to them.  That’s the reason why they are attacking people so brazenly and robbing them. They are choosing women because they are softer targets than men, they are targeting women who are alone for that  would make their job a lot more easier.

          Now is the argument correct in first place?  Is attacking people justified just  because you believe that  the society was unfair  to you?  To me it’s a big no, I understand that the great Indian growth story did not include them but then that’s not a license to attack people.  I understand this argument but will he/she understand it ? I doubt. For, the suffering that is already there will for sure induce the bias in the argument and understanding.

          So what can we(the aam admis of this nation) do about this? One , we can pressurize the governments to come up with policies that infuse inclusive growth, however, the probability of that falling on deaf ears is very high. Two, we can give our 2 cents to the society by practicing austerity and contributing in cash and kind to the community development initiatives.  Most important of all we all should try and promote things made by people than by machines.  I am not against mechanization, automation, machines or innovation but mechanization with out providing alternate livelihoods to people will only attract trouble. 

          Let’s try to be a little more accommodative and spend those 2 cents in helping the people around us. We are not being too philanthropic here, for, in their good lies our good and our safety. 

All the points here are musings of mine and they might / might not be correct . I am open for a healthy discussion that facilitates exchange of ideas.

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  1. haritha sree / Nov 25 2013 9:27 pm

    I always feel, whenever a person does something like this should be hit hard with large iron bars or with laattis on road, in public so that any person intending to do such thing would stop himself/herself from actually doing it……


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