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November 23, 2013 / subramanyam

Thank you Vishy….

          So Magnus Carlsen is the new world champion in the game of 64 squares. Our own Vishy’s 7 year long run at the helm comes to an end and the 23 year old Norwegian’s era begins. 

          If there is a game I was (and am) ever good at, it is chess and I was extremely inspired by Vishwanathan Anand as a kid. Viswanathan_Anand_08_14_2005 His ascent to success in the 90’s was a key factor for kids like me to pick up chess. He made India proud by winning title after title in the 90’s and in the process made many of us develop interest in the game.  Anand and his victories were a major force that influenced many Indian parents and made them encourage their kids to play chess.  With out Anand and his victories India would not have produced champions like P. Harikrishna , K Hampi , D.Harika, Sasikiran etc..

          Anand showed all of us that an Indian can be number 1  in his chosen area by becoming the world champion in the year 2000.  He probably is the only Indian who rose to such great heights in an individual sport. In the 90’s, when the nation was looking up for icons and inspiration, Sachin and Anand provided it in their own sports. Unlike Sachin who had legendary players preceding him in Indian cricket, Anand was the first Indian to make it big in chess.  Nevertheless both of them showed to the world that Indians can be the world champions and must be treated with respect.

          Anand went on to win the world chess championship for 5 times and was at the peak ever since 2007. As his 7 year stint as numero uno ends, fans like me dream of a challenger game in 2015 where he rebounds and wins over Carlsen.  Whether that happens or not, only time and Anand will tell. However, irrespective of that happening or not happening in the future, Anand was, is and will continue to be the proud son of India who inspired his future generations to take up the game that has a king, a queen, 6 powers and 8 soldiers.

Thank you for everything Vishy and best of luck in whatever you take up in the days to come.

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