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November 1, 2013 / subramanyam

Nehru & Patel

          Patel Vs Nehru is the new debate of the nation, with Modi picking it up and bringing it on, Congress is doing everything to project that they never forgot Sardar and are the true owners of his legacy.  Facts however show a different picture altogether.  Here is an excerpt

Patel and Nehru

Patel and Nehru

from Verghese Kurien’s Memoirs I too had dream , it throws light on how Nehru treated Patelji’s daughter. 

          Here is another piece, this one is Field Marshall Manekshaw’s interview with  Prem Shankar Jha. He speaks about Kashmir’s Unification of India and how both the leaders sparred over it. 

          My intention is not to put one over the other or show anyone in bad light.  I have my respect for Nehru and I salute to him for his contributions to the nation.   However, he did have his problems. He accused Patelji of being communal just because the Somnath Mandir was rebuilt. He was not that decisive on Kashmir and could not curb the dynastism that was breeding in the congress.  It would have been great had he been decisive and had he and Patel worked together.

Then the dynasty worshippers of Congress are so busy worshipping Nehru that they almost forgot the iron man of India.   Thanks to Modi and we are remembering him and his legacy once again.



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