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October 7, 2013 / subramanyam

“Unenchanted” enchants indeed…..

          Well, I completed reading the book “Unenchanted” by Chanda Hahn. I actually stumbled on this book in the free books section  on Kindle, I liked the blurb and yeah free is always good right  🙂 , so downloaded it on  to my kindle and read it.

          As I completed the book, I was looking into the voidness, emptiness infront of my eyes and was feeling like “Should it end this way ?? Doesn’t the poor girl deserve better?? Etc..”.  Awesome book and fantastic way of telling a story.   

         “Unenchanted”  is the story of Mina Grime, a teenage girl who considers herself unlucky, has troubles in accomplishing tasks that are otherwise considered simple and Unenchantedgoes  unnoticed in the class.  As it happens with life, she saves the life of her crush, the most good looking and wealthy boy of her class during a field trip and that one incident changes her life forever.  She gets to know about her past, her families past and some intriguing stuff that haunts the family. How does she respond? What does she do? What decisions would she take and how that decisions of hers impacts her, and her family, is what you ought to read in the book.

         I loved the way the author maintained suspense throughout the book, I loved the  transition to the fairy tale and the depiction of each of the characters. An overprotective mother, a very innocent and reserved younger brother, a true friend Nan, the rich but not at all haughty “Brody” and the mysterious “Jared” each of these characters have been very well depicted and the way they behave and interact is awesome. 

         The author also uses vivid imagery to describe events around the protagonist and does a pretty good job in making the reader visualize the situations the protagonist is placed into. I liked it.

         I do not know much about the occidental fairy tales and hence am not much aware of Grimm and the fairy tales around them, so it is better that I do not comment about all that. I liked the way the fairy tale was introduced and the way  it moulds the lives of characters and gets them into its grip.  A female protagonist is definitely the USP of the book and the way Mina handles things is worth reading to.  

         Coming to things I felt could have been improved, the number of puzzles Mina solves are less. I felt it would have been more interesting had Mina solved a few more puzzles. The book is 216 pages, I understand thisbook is targeted at teenagers so 216 pages might have been an ideal choice, however I think adding a few more pages that speak about two or three mysteries solved by the protagonist would have been fantastic.

          The way the book ends is awesome, it leaves the reader with mixed feelings, so one ought to read it and experience it. A very nice and different way to conclude a book that has a lot to offer.  Coming to the style and diction of it, I felt that the writing style was good and it comes across as a jolly read.

          In some of the reviews on “goodreads” website,  I saw  people were pointing stuff like incorrect punctuation, poor editing etc.. Those things might act as a deterrent, but to me, as long as the story connects I am ok and happy. So I would not like to complain much about the grammatical accuracies and improper punctuations in the book. 

Do pick the book, it is a nice read, you would enjoy it.


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