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October 6, 2013 / subramanyam

Center’s mismanagement is costing AP dearly ….

   As a person from the North coastal Region of Andhra Pradesh, I am extremely pained at what’s happening in the state, emotions were dominating my thought process for the last 3 days, was waiting for a saner moment so that I can write something.

          Like many people from Coastal Andhra and Rayala Seema regions I too love the United AP or Samaikyaandhra i.e the state as it is today.  I come from Vizianagaram (studied there for nine years ) which is becoming violent with every passing day.  Violence in a place like vizianagaram is simply un-imaginable. People are so peace-loving that you rarely hear of any violence in that city.  People are predominantly silent and spiritual in that city. Looking at the violent protests in such a place must make us realize the desire and demand for united Andhra Pradesh in that region. Today people are attacking Botcha Satyanarayana and the assets & properties belonging to him because they believe that he is a key figure in getting the Telangana note done. This reinforces the fact that people are afraid that incase there is a bifurcation they would be at a big big loss.  

           This is true, for, 50-60% of the entire income for A.P government comes from Hyderabad.  If the state gets bifurcated, Hyderabad willapmap1 be a part of Telangana and the newly formed Andhra Pradesh state which will have 58% of the population will have to live with less than 30% of the funds.  In entire AP the only developed region is Hyderabad and losing it will cost any region dearly. Then, if Telagana decided to build projects on rivers and divert river waters from Krishna and Godavari Rivers,  the entire delta regions might have to go without water which is a huge issue again. After looking at Almatti and Babli projects and how the state governments played politics there, it is natural that people will have their own fears. It is these fears that made APNGO’s and almost all people of Seemandhra region to go on a strike since 1st August 2013. 

          In this backdrop,  look at the way decisions are being made, when people are agitating for 60 + days, the central government does not send anyone to access the ground realities.  The Antony committee set up by the center has not found time to visit the state as yet.  People are on the roads and the interim the center announces ITIR in Hyderabad (investments worth 2.19 lakh crores)  and then goes ahead, creates a cabinet note on Telangana  and gets it approved . Won’t it intensify the anger of the people? On the top of it a ministers council is formed and it is given 6 weeks time to complete the Telangana bill that is to be tabled in the parliament…..^ weeks it is to decide on a state isn’t it???  As if this is not enough, leaders like KCR say that everyone born in Andhra is a Telangana Drohi (he retracted later … but the damage has been done)…. In the midst of all this how can one expect people not to lose cool? Why won’t the people be agitated ?

          As said in my prev posts on facebook and my blog, I am not against bifurcation. I want a bifurcation that helps people in both the regions. For, most (>90%)  of Telanganites believe that a separate Telangana will solve most of their problems. They have been promised that every colony will become jubilee hills(one of the best colonies of Hyderbad), most people will get employment and their self –respect would be restored if the new state is formed. Today, most of the people in Telangana believe this.  they also believe that due to Andhrites they are losing a number of govt jobs and benefits. So they want a separate state.   In this sort of situation one cannot imagine a united Andhra Pradesh to survive and sustain.

           However, for a bifurcation to happen the fears of the common man in Seemandhra region must be addressed, the center has to take up some confidence building measures so that people there also would trust and cooperate for the bifurcation.  Instead the center is acting in haste and doing things at its own will, this is creating more and more pain for the people of all the regions in AP.  Till date, the centre has not even finalized the capital of the new Andhra Pradesh(Andhra Pradesh -Telangana) state.  No one is talking about the package the new state would get.  No one is taking the pains to address the concerns of Seemandhra people and on the top of it people like Shinde(union home minister) say that it is common that some amount of agitations will happen when bifurcation takes place. Is this justified ???  Is the callous attitude towards seemandhra people justified ? How can we accept a bifurcation when the next general election for the LokSabha is due in just 7 months from now?

          The center must act responsibly, remove the fears plaguing the people of SeemaAndhra region. Come up with road map and assurance that their interests will protected. Speak about the revenue sharing of Hyderabad  even if it is for a fixed amount of time. Speak about the water issues and then go ahead with the bifurcation, nobody is going stop you. If you take decisions with a focus only on 2014 election then we the people of Seemandhra region are justified in feeling threatened and that would only delay the bifurcation process.

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