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September 4, 2013 / subramanyam

Let’s not hate each other……

          Was sitting in the office today and was overhearing a conversation where people were identifying themselves with Seemaandhra and Telangana and were commenting/ criticizing each others cultures. I was taken aback. The conversation though jovial, had the potential to trigger a conflict that could have had wide-ranging repercussions. These types of conversations are becoming ubiquitous among the Telugu people these days. Restaurants, public transport, office, share autos, online Telugu portals, obviously face book and other social networking sites … …… name a place and you have these discussions.

          What pains me deeply is acerbity with which each party is talking about the other, people are identifying themselves as Andhrites or Telanganites and are either mocking each other or speaking about the other party in poor light.(I too am not oblivious to this. ) At the core of all this lies the United AP Vs Telangana dispute. This one thing is blinding the vision of many Telugu speaking people today.

          However, this debate is not taking Telugus anywhere, The acrimony between people is the only thing that is on the rise. The war of words on the internet and social media is a cause of concern. What do we know about the other party before we pass a judgement on them, one of my friends from Coastal AP was once commenting that people from Telangana are lazy and a Teleanganite friend retorted that Andhrites are thiefs , they are the ones who are involved in a lot of scams. I did not know what to say…. one thing here, how many of the Telangana friends know about the plight of the farmers and people of North Coastal Andhra where people with even 5-10 acres of land migrate to Hyderabad as they do not have proper irrigation facilities. How many of us know that more than 50 lakhTelanganites have migrated to Maharashtra to eke out a living. Friends, for most of us it is the same struggle for life everyday,every moment. The future becomes bleak and bitter if Telugu people start fighting with each other and attacking each others culture.

          When we understand and accept few realities from the opposite as well, we would be in a better position to accept and see the rational in other person’s argument.

          While it’s almost impossible for any Telugu person to stay away from the debate of United A.P. Vs Separate Telangana. I urge that we shall restrict ourselves to the technicalities of bifurcation or the merits and demerits of it. Let’s not attack each other and become laughing stock in front of others. Let’s try to restrain ourselves even when the other person is mocking us, that might be a good way to start with.


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  1. Naveen Raja / Sep 9 2013 3:10 pm

    Very well written . I liked the last paragraph


  2. subramanyam / Sep 10 2013 5:14 pm

    Hi Naveen
    Nice that you liked it. Thank you for visiting the blog. Keep visiting and keep sharing what you think about the articles I post.


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