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August 13, 2013 / subramanyam

My take on “A Maverick Heart : Between love and life”


           We often use the term, “frequency matching” in our daily life to define compatibility. Our frequency does not match, we do not get along? We are not in sync? We are not on the same page etc?

          When people of similar frequencies (wavelengths or within the same range) come together – output is not a simple sum of individual work, but exponential. In science we term this phenomenon as resonance. Output at this stage is beyond any logical limit.

          Interesting blurb for a book isn’t it?  I knew the author was an ex-IITian and  was real curious on what the author had in the pages to follow as I picked this book.  Now the title “A Maverick Heart : Between love and life ” make it all the more curious and interesting doesn’t it?  The cover page of the book with 3 shadows was making it all the more tough to guess what was inside. So even before I started reading the 383 page book, I was trying to guess if the book would be about a young man’s choice of being different a carving a niche for himself or would it be another college—girl — career — family type story or would it be different?  Would it be a repeat of Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020?  Many questions were crossing my head as I picked this book.

The Cover Pages of the book

The Cover Pages of the book

          Ravindra Shukla’s “A Maverick Heart : Between love and life ” turned out be different from all these, it’s a story of 3 teenagers who come together in  IIT –Bombay , end up becoming good friends, work hard and make a few key choices in their lives . How do these choices affect them? Will the struggle and effort they put up in thier lives pay them off?  As we all know and acknowledge there are always these  powerful and important things like fate, destiny , coincidences  etc that end up playing big and huge parts in our lives.  How do the lives of Rahul, Richita and Neerav get impacted by these uncontrollable factors of life, What sectors do these people choose? What sort of turmoil would they undergo in their lives ? where all do they end up?  what all do they do? and what’s the role of cupid and his charms in this plot ? all these form the crux of the book.

          How can the young and vibrant India give solutions to the socio-political problems of this country?  How determined can the individuals be ? How do higher levels of maturity help a person handle sensitive issues carefully ? are all very well portrayed in the book. I deliberately am not getting into the details of the each of the characters as revealing that would be a spoiler . I want you to read the book and discover it  for yourself. 

          In short this book has many things from innocent love to corporate gaming.  From undiluted passion and ideals to greed, lust and immorality the story sways between the extremes bt leaves the reader with an excellent message.

          Coming to what all I liked in the book, I loved the depth of thought in conversations between the characters. For example look at this  conversation that happens in a canteen“ No, I am not proving anything . It all depends on what you can infer. Any answer will depend on some assumption. So logic is always limited to your assumption (or imagination) ”

          Here is another  that comes when a set  of people have drinks “You rob too much from one person it becomes murder. If you steal little by little it looks like business . Just refine it . ………. Steal a penny from every person – call it service charge and you are a millionaire ”. 

         Look at the depth of these conversations, I simply loved the way Ravindra Shukla brings up words of wisdom via conversations that look so simple,normal and yet have profound and powerful messages imbibed in them.  If  I am going to read the book again and again it’s only for these conversations.  I also liked the simple english the author chose to use in the book.

         One more thing I loved in the book is the passion Rahul has and the way he displays it.  After a long time I was moved to tears while I was reading a book.   Rahul’s dedication, passion and indomitable will have been beautifully portrayed and the way the author has used that character to inspire the masses is amazing.

          Coming to the areas of improvement, The first part of the book has too much detail. I practically was fighting a feeling to the put the book down.  The pace of the story is very slow till the 180th page or so .  I had a lot of trouble traversing those pages .  The excess detail could have been cut down. 

          However, the story picks in the second half of the book form the 180th  page or so and the book becomes a page turner.  The way the author merges the sub plots and the way he concludes the book definitely deserve praise and applause.

          All in all a nice attempt, good to see a lot of books coming from Indian Authors and good to see that they are writing about socio-political happenings in the country.  Nice job done Ravindra Shukla ji and nice way to inspire the youth of India.

          Do pick the book guys, it would definitely be a good read. 

Note :         

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  1. Ravindra / Aug 22 2013 1:25 am

    Thanks for your review. I am glad you could connect to message/plot.



  2. subramanyam / Aug 22 2013 7:18 am

    Thank you Ravindra.
    Awaiting your next book.

    Thank you.
    Subramanyam K.V.


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