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July 30, 2013 / subramanyam

Why a division is good?

         The decision of the congress party has come, It is important because Congress and UPA are ruling the state and the nation. Now we have Congress, TDP, BJP and many other parties supporting Telangana.  So Telangana might become a reality in the next few months.       

          As a person born and brought up in Coastal Andhra Pradesh  this is a tough and harsh reality for me.  I alwaysAndhra and Telangana thought that the state was one and was proud of Hyderabad and the development.   Today when someone says that it is Telangana and Andhrites were actually looting it, it naturally hurts. What hurts more is the fact that once the state is formed I would become an outsider in a place which was the capital of my state to begin with. Why should this happen twice to the Andhrites?  First it happened with Chennai and now it is happening with Hyderabad.  It’s too tough to digest.  It hurts me more when I realize that congress is doing all this for a few seats and for few gains in the Telangana Region.

          However, when I look at the practicalities of it, I think this is a good decision to bifurcate. One,  I am yet to meet a person from Telangana who really believes in the idea of United Andhra Pradesh. I donot know what played on the minds of the people but they all want Telangana. Every person has his/her own reasons. Even if this movement is somehow controlled now, it will comeback in another form later.  You cannot dictate/ order people to love each other and live together, it simply will not work. 

          On the other hand, the only city that got developed in the united Andhra Pradesh is Hyderabad.  The population of Hyderabad tripled since 1995. Did any other city register such a huge growth in the state?  Was any other city in AP  developed to an extent that it comes up with any new jobs/opportunities for youth ?  Today practically for everything we have to come to Hyderabad. There are no regional hubs in the state.  This one phenomenon is keeping development away from  RayalaSeema and Coastal Andhra regions.  If you look for the most impoverished districts of AP you would see districts from Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema there.  Let me ask this question bluntly and honestly “with a united AP and this burning Telangana problem will these districts really develop”? 

          So my dear friends,  while it’s tough to rein in emotions and very very tough to accept the fact that we Andhrites lose a place like Hyderabad which was developed by eminent leaders like NTR and CBN. It is also important that we acknowledge the fact that development in our districts is also necessary.   Thanks to some selfish politicians,  today Telugu speaking people identify themselves as Telanganites , people from RayaSeema and Andhrites.  It’s just an egalitarian hope to expect people in our generation to forget these feelings and come out of these regional identities.  We, the people from Coastal AP and RayalaSeema must now focus on demanding what is needed for the new capital, the treaties for sharing water, revenue, electricity and overall package the state should get from the central government in establishing all these and carving a new identity.

          We have a huge coastal line, wonderful  natural resources and people with extraordinary entrepreneurial skills.  It’s time we put all these to use and create a new state that becomes the symbol of prosperity and happiness. 

          What ever we do, we should not revert back to the one city model of development and create new Hyderabads in the new state, that’s the surest way to lose the entire plot once again  




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  1. rupa / Jul 31 2013 1:03 am

    Its very true. We developed Hyd as its our capital and now Telangana people gained it. Its purely due to the selfish agenda of the politicians. Atleast it made us realize that we need to think of other places in the state than the capital. Its the best opportunity and we Andhrities and Seema ppl are intelligent and hardworking and we can definitely have a city better than HYD in future.


  2. rupa / Jul 31 2013 12:44 pm

    Still losing hyd is very painful. The 6th biggest city of India. The Airport, IT Sector, etc.


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