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July 29, 2013 / subramanyam

10 Very Bad Habits :: We must try avoiding these


A bad habit is like a beautiful bed, we always get tempted to sleep on it.  Once we sleep on it we would never feel like waking up and coming out of it . Here are 10 very bad habits which we ought to avoid.

1. Not having priorities.

2. Postponing Things

3. Being afraid of Change / Avoiding Change.

4. Escaping work . Exhibiting escapism at work

5. Living without a goal

6. Focussing on perfection and ignoring quality

7. Not focussing on the work at hand. Not giving 100% on the task we are doing.

8. Not having proper time sense.  Not respecting one’s own time and other’s time.

9. Speaking Lies.

10 . Feeling jealous of others achievements and victories.


Source : Face book and eenadu news paper.


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