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July 16, 2013 / subramanyam

Vote of Confidence :: My take

          We are a young nation, 65% of our population is less than 35 years old. However when it comes to politics we might be disappointed as the percentage of young MP’s(<40 years of age) in the parliament is somewhere around 13%.  Not the greatest of the news but not too disappointing either.  The 71 people there do count for something.  I do hope that the number would go up in the XVI Lok Sabha that would be elected in 2014.

          As a person who is extremely interested in politics, I always wanted to know how people make it big in politics.  What motivates the young men and women to get into it ? Once they get into it what is it that keeps them going? What are the backgrounds of these people? What challenges did they overcome till date?  How do they strategize?  How do they use technology?  And most importantly what’s the vision they have for the nation?

          Honestly speaking, we get to know very little about them.  One big misconception about the young politicians/

The cover page of the book

The cover page of the book

MP’s is that they have to come from political families(families with political background/ people whose parents & grand parents have been in politics) if they want to make it big in the political landscape.  While the notion is true to some extent, there are many people who came from modest backgrounds but have ended becoming lawmakers in this country.  For example there is a MP in this country, who did his masters from IISC Bangalore, designed ICs, lead huge technical teams in MNC’s was going towards the pinnacle of success in the corporate world when he suddenly decided to take a plunge into politics and won the 2009 election with a 1 lakh plus majority. There is another man, who was the inspiration for a movie, a man who was doctor, a cop and  today is a CEO and an MP. Another person comes from the badlands of UP from an extremely modest background was courageous enough to expose criminals when he just a teenager and is today an MP.  Interesting isn’t it ?

           Would it be great to have a peek into their lives and their backgrounds right. That’s what the book “Vote of Confidence” offers to us. It gives a sneak peek into the lives of 16 young MP’s who come from different backgrounds and are today respected as lawmakers of this august nation. It covers scions who come from political families and people who have fought hard battles to make it to the Lok Sabha.  From a very famous Akhilesh Yadav to a little known Anurag Thakur ( little known from national perspective, he might be very famous in his state) we get to meet young MP’s who are divided by party lines but united by the passion of serving this nation. We get to know about their dreams, their ambitions , their strategies and the their vision of India through the book.

          Aashti Bhartia, the author of the book took the pain to meet all these people personally , visit the constituencies and even met the people associated with these people to present a perfect picture of  these young men who in all probability might shape the future of this country in the days to come. It provides a biographical sketch that gives us an idea of what we can expect from them in the days to come .

          Nice and easy read for any one as the book spends 15-19 pages per person.  One can actually read about one MP and later read about another. Nice way of articulating things, I personally felt that some nice perspectives were offered.  It also speaks about the young central ministers and the way they are handling the ministries.

          Coming to the complaints part of it, there are about 9 congress MPs out of 16 MPs in the book.  Out of the rest we have 2 from BJP,  2 from BJD, 1 each from RLD , SP and JVM.  I somehow feel that the ratio is skewed and we could have had more from the opposition benches as well. Cutting down on congress and adding more from the other parties would have helped. One more thing I somehow felt that she could have added more people from BJP  For example BJP has 100+ members in the house and BJD does not have even 20 , but then both the parties have equal number of MPs covered in the book. BJP has about 19% of the young MPs in the parliament. They have about 20 + MP’s below 40 adding one two of them would have helped.

          Keeping that minor glitch apart, the book is a fantastic one to read. For people like us who have little

knowledge on the political system and the way politics operate in the nation this book is bound to give some very good insights on politics and the lives of politicians.  Do pick it up if you are interested in learning a thing or two about Indian Politics.  I thank Sai Krishna for introducing me to this book.  Thank you Sai.

 Here is one of the sources from where I pulled some of the stats I used for the post .


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