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July 15, 2013 / subramanyam

The misinterpretation and misrepresentation of Facts.

         We all have been seeing the controversy some sections of media are trying to create over the “Puppy” remark of Modi . To me it is highly misleading and is twisting the facts about the incident.  In fact Modi was trying to convey that he is sad and feels pained about what has happened.

          The journalist who interviewed Modi has said that his remarks were misinterpreted. Sruthi tweeted on Saturday, saying Modi’s remarks were poorly contextualized in Saturday’s newspapers and TV debates held on Friday. However, by Saturday evening her tweet was deleted. Here is the image of the tweet (see pic)

Read more at:

Sruthi's tweet on Modi.

Sruthi’s tweet on Modi.

          When the people who interviewed Modi themselves say that his remarks are being misinterpreted why is the media still clinging on to it.  Whose vested interests are they serving here?  Is this the secularism we all should be proud of ?             Should some one stoop so low  to please their masters?   For God’s sake please stop this sort of misinterpretations and stop creating this sort of confusions.  There would political issues and differences but this not the way to attack each other. If there is any discrimination in the development initiatives taken by Modi then comment, if you feel he is making speeches of hatred then comment but donot try creating issues by taking the comments out of context. Here is the video of the interview which has bits of the interview. 


Here are sources from which I took content.

The Original Interview of Modi on reuters site.

The report on One India  :

Please do read this and know the facts for yourself .


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