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July 13, 2013 / subramanyam

A speech worth watching and listening to .

           YouTube gives me interesting suggestions, it been quite some time I was watching anything long (in terms of time )and political on YouTube. I had been listening to a number of management things these days and as I got a suggestion on Modi,  just clicked and watched it.

           This video is Modi’s speech at the SRCC. (Shri Ram College of Commerce). Yeah the very speech that was called a “brazen attempt” at branding by many people. I did not listen the full version before , however heard the full speech today. 

           My liking for this speech has got nothing to do with politics.  Yeah, I do like Modi but that is not the thing here. I like the stuff he spoke about, he spoke about skill,scale and speed and why they are important for the  new India, he spoke about the way India must use any of the global events (like sports meets etc…) to grab the world’s attention and brand itself .  He spoke about how we should be innovative in having the entire production line here. He speaks about how right from growing cotton— till exporting the fashinable fabric everything should happen in the vicinity of each other and way that would help the farmer. He speaks about  how this is being implemented in Gujarat.  He speaks about the eradication of cattle diseases from Gujarat. He speaks about the rising levels of water bed in Gujarat.  He speaks about the number of universities in Gujarat and how they increased them from 11 to 42 in a decade.  He speaks about the need of changing with changing times and the importance of  being ahead of time . He speaks about the dream of Swami Vivekananda and how we can achieve it.  He speaks about hope, the importance of hope and the way India should dream big and achieve its goals.

          He does not delve into politics but speaks more and more about development. I wish politicians across the nation speak this language of development and fight elections on the basis of it.

         You might or might not like Shri Narendra Modi, but do listen to this. This would be inspiring and would expand your thinking horizons.

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